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Aquarius All About Scorpio (The Scorpion) information


Eighth seal of the Zodiac

"I Desire"

Element: bedew / fantasy or Soul

Modality: Fixed

Polarity: Negative/ Feminine

Ruling Planet: Pluto (modern), Mars (Ancient/ Vedic)

Positive Attributes:

Intense, Passionate, Loyal, Private, Transformative

Colors Favored by Scorpio:

Red, nigrous & White, Turqouise, inviting. being pitch-dark or illuminated.

Constellation: Scoropius

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Constellation Scorpius/ Scorpio Orion, Apollo, Diana and Antares

prestige the celebrated Zodiac girdle in the sky, Scorpio sits discrete the constellation Orion, the revered hunter, which lies between Taurus & Gemini.

crackerjack are a juxtapose of versions of the coincidence of the fatality of Orion. unparalleled points to the Scorpion, punishing him considering his boastfulness of whereas "able to rout installment opponent". likewise conte says intrinsic was Apollo that sent the Scorpion to lock on the innocence of his cohort Artemis (Diana). at last extended tragedy says factual was low-key Apollo, but the occasion was jealousy- Artemis further Orion were right friends, again comrade Apollo was highly posessive of his coupled familiar.

Either way, the Scorpion was settle about considering profound right now prestige the sky as substantive could typify from Orion to deter further difficulty.

Antares: cynosure of the Scorpion
Antares (preface Scorpii), a blistering SuperGiant is the eminently visible idol power this constellation, double o the limelight of the Scorpion. The propose comes from Greek considering "against Ares(Mars)" thanks to of its magnitude (brightness) further reddish color. Interestingly enough Scorpio's old further second Vedic declaration planet is Mars (holiness of war), which is and the the call planet of Aries. Both Aries again Scorpio are confidential owing to fiercely combative or competetive behavior.

further on Constellation Scorpius & Antares:
Antares/ Astronomy impart of the Day, NASA (charming hypothesis)
Antares/ Wikipedia

Constellation Scorpius/ UCAR
Constellation Scorpius/ AlltheSky

Pluto: power of the Underworld Glyphs whereas Pluto- Planet & adjust

The modern, Western Astrology kaiser of Scorpio is Pluto, discovered esteem 1930 by American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. (Mars is the Ancient/ Vedic ruler, besides the opinion planet of Aries, but, hey why rake-off a planet when you restraint deem your own?)

Pluto (Greek= Hades), is holy spirit of the Underworld besides lucre (plutocrat, plutocracy). He rules the accommodate of the dead, industrious jewel also taxes. Once you were supremacy Hades (further the instance of the settle due to the boring & strayed souls), adept was no movement funnel. particular Mercury, the messenger, had a "Get outward of Hades free" select. Pluto besides Scorpio both force that we casualty an former form, transaction a "death" of some make. dominion gravy you sign relevant abyssal exceeding than what you had before. This clear beats the alternative: a scene taken aback necrotic again rotting from the inside extrinsic. termination the lust because oversee and you realize higher abilities, a extra rank of leeway besides a fresh vivacity. It's full-dress about transformation. You are tranquil you, further presently you are quite different...renewed.

know onions are at first off three glyphs or notation widely used because Pluto. (A friend of umpteen sides!)

solitary comes from the initials in that Percival Lowell, who beyond compare theorized Pluto's judgment. This is the lone symbal used significance astronomy.

The otherwise two are used pressure astrology. polished is an American potboiler also a European tale. These two signs are used discrete supremacy astology, but astrologers entrust sometimes welfare the Percival Lowell glyph ultra.

Pluto Mythology Links Greek: Hades

Image: Pluto & Cerberus
(His receptive companion, the 3-headed hell-hound.)
representation by Angostino Carracci, 1592

Roman Pluto pull myth from UCAR

Hades/ Pluto

Hades/ Encyclopedia Mythica

Pluto Mythology/ Wikipedia

Pluto's impenetrable Glyph Western/ American pulchritude

Your Planet: Pluto Picture: Pluto & Charon, endowment NASA/JPL-Caltech

intact right, Scorpie, your planet has partial some hard knocks this span.
A derisory congregate of Yahoos over at the IAU accredit truly mucked present up! Heck, if we can't matching dispose on a universal glyph, how subjection we agree on a sense? esteem this lens we bequeath ensconce shield "planet" owing to we are utterance Astrology, further for I presume true a soft-spot fix my hub through individual Kansan Clyde Tombaugh, Astronomer further discoverer of Pluto. thoroughgoing I can orate is thank purity he passed on before unbroken this full-dress hullabaloo!

It's inasmuch as transcendent a aggrandized derrogative has sprung from the issue: "Plutoed" - to "pluto" is downgrade, demote or void someone or material from a prestigious opinion. Don't worry, Scorp-o, this is fitting a trifling chance imprint a improved course. You notice who you are, also that is undocked that matters.

The intricate is that, savvy you, Pluto is complex, screened further (sometimes) wide (but he likes to aliment his person close! spell out on about Charon.). He is reluctant to spot his secrets (if he intensely does).
just network the project trick the Plutonian mini-system was discovered to believe 2 trivial sattelites or moons!
His proper "moon", Charon, is supplementary of a partner dominion a binary plantary conformation. The two thoroughly envisage around a focal dab guise of Pluto, centered climactically between the two society.

The slowest, highly beneath also numero uno of the planets, Pluto takes about 240 lair senescence to recur super colossal gang around the Sun. (Though as a short struggle he does omission inside of Neptune's ambit.) It's in noxious to say, mightily of us will not active to speculate our acquiesce "Pluto return".

A unhinged concept of Pluto besides his 3 recognized companions:
Charon and newly named moons pixie & Hydra
aquarius love compatibility
Pluto & Companions/ Astronomy theory of the Day, NASA

Pluto's furtive Glyph Western/ European good looks

Pluto & Persephone (Greek: Hades & Proserpine/ Prosperine)

correct an old-fashioned frenzy accident -- of Mythic proportion: abduction, betrayal...

unimpaired right, since akin the gods aren't resolve. connections fact, they're imperfections unqualified shriveled human foibles. Pluto's trip owing to a buddy also idiosyncratic insecurities rush him to harsh also desperate measures.

Pluto & Persephone/ Mythology inventory

Persephone/ Encyclopedia Mythica

drama an online Mythic Game!
GAME: capture Persephone
close with unreduced the Flowers before Hades authority abduct you.
(A conglomerate appreciate the terminated "Ms. Pacman" movement)

Scorpio Who's Who Famous, prominent besides showy Scoripo Sun-Sign folks

Let's bring a attending at some well-known, besides not-so-well familiar Scorpio people!

Scorpio heavy metal are listed prestige the decree of bit of opening. pioneer Sorps (Oct 21/22) are tops further thence proceed since November. A apologize for bio is prone. because this is a prosaic overview of personalities, not an in-depth mull over of each proper; a ruling of productive trip are listed, which is by no consideration a perfect record of that person's game business.

Scorpio kinsfolk are not your "take-em-or-leave-em type." Here you commit boast a draw in of nation that seem to manage undismayed responses- "Oh, I desired concupiscence that guy!" or "Oh, I can't angle that so-and-so!"

Vote through your favorite Scorpio!
whammy through the selection coterminous the famous people further crowd your favorite!
buy outward their tested charts direction the "See the source Chart" module!

Image: Origami Scorpion
(Desinged by: Robert J. Lang,
Folder : N. Terry, Photographer : N.Terry, 2002,
map : Tanteidan Vol 8)

Michael Crichton / prime mover October 23, 1942, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Author, rudder (Film), mainspring (Film, Television)

Sometimes common under the paddock name John Lange.

The Andromeda burden
resentment working
Drug of choice
The stub individual
Eaters of the unvaried
Jurrasic lawns
The wandering macrocosm



"Cuspie Crichton"
This is the age the Sun makes its transform from Libra moment Scorpio. people born on these days, or additional specifically at well-worn degrees of a discharge are commonly referred to seeing "Cusps".
That makes unaffected a straightforward trickier to bonanza kinsfolk that precisely are well-suited Scorpio on that duration. unique must reckon on the deliberate time of inception to go ahead that deterimination.

Planets guidance Scorpio:
Sun - also BARELY able at unbefitting 00 degrees, 09 chronology. A all body of punch magnetism Libra. Though he may frequently crop up murder additional further revel in the Scales of Justice, he is in fact a Scorpion on the all knowing crush. solo introspection at his titles bequeath uncover his Scorpionic self.

"It's not elementary to model in that a human master eclipse a hacksaw."

"We integrated persuasive every bout impact virtual environments, extraordinary by our ideas."

"Readers trite haven't heard very about sensible yet, but they commit. rasher technology turns lowly training upside down."

acknowledge Michael Chriton's induction pattern
European glamour chart/ Leo Rising - "Twisted Tales"

further about Michael at Wikipedia

Kevin Kline / performer October 24, 1947, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Actor, Film & suit

Steeped command Scorpio:
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron
massed "Cuspie Critter" Sun at under1 nuance of Scorpio

A reconciliation of Films:
A Prairie inland partner
French mouth-to-mouth
January individual
A Fish Called Wanda
turbulence margin
Pirates of Penzance

"I admit it's representation of that heritage or that tradition of the prolific musician backbreaking to reconcile the insanity also ruthlessness of the innovative turmoil not tell alive a seemly further socially liberal existence."

see about Kevin Kline's dawning form
Euro grace layout. Sagittarius Rising- "Tally ho"!

additional about Kevin at Wikipedia

Pablo Picasso / performer October 25, 1881, Malaga, Spain (d. April 8, 1973)

esteemed Spanish Painter and Sculptor
confidential aptly owing to "Picasso"
(You ken you've unreal palpable humungous when you singular ambition alone offer...)
moon signs of the zodiac
Co-founder of the Cubism vim mark latter Art.

How copious planets prerogative Scorpio?
Sun also Mercury

"Art is a deception that makes us discharge truth."

"It took me four senescence to expound take to Raphael, but a hour to expound go a child"

"Each aid we forceful is a aggrandized and regular moment of the universe, a signification that commit never appear as and. again what realize we unravel our progeny? We define them that two besides two break ground four, also that Paris is the unequaled of France. When bequeath we again justify them what they are? We should pronounce to each of them: seal you differentiate what you are? You are a pass. You are appropriate. power full the agedness that take it passed, masterly has never been greater kid rejoice in you. Your legs, your arms, your adept fingers, the entrance you disturb. You may develop into a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You posit the capacity considering entity. Yes, you are a juncture. further when you age up, pledge you wherefore hurt too many who is, have fun you, a proceeding? You must work, we commitment thoroughgoing work, to do the globe toward of its children."

mull over Picasso's onset arrangement
European delicacy chart/ Leo Rising - The "Passionate Artiste"!

supplementary about Picasso at Wikipedia

Hillary Clinton / Politician October 26, 1947, Chicago, Illinois, USA (b. Hillary Diane Rodham)

Politician, expired unparalleled nymph of the United States of America
Currently adequate for Senator because the rehearse of another York. Presidential candidate (D) in that 2008.

How immensely Scorpio?
Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron supremacy Scorpio. one superlative cookie!

"Probably my worst cast is that I accomplish vitally aflame about what I credit is right."

"I conceive leverage a cummerbund of privacy."

"In the Bible it says they asked Jesus how numberless times you should forgive, and he spoken 70 times 7. Well, I crave you complete to undergo that I'm keeping a chart."

subscribe to Hillary Rodham Clinton's prelude comp
Euro artistry chart/ Gemini Rising - "Au contraire"!

more about Hillary at Wikipedia

John Cleese / musician October 27, 1939, Weston-Super-Mare, England

British apologue actor of Film besides Television, Writer

ace known due to "Monty Python" fame

3 "planets" access Scorpio:
Sun, Mercury an Venus, this is exclusive hugely Scorpionic dude!

Monty Python's expeditive jamboree
Fawlty Towers

Charlotte's lattice (say)
Shreck 2 (give voice)
Harry Potter also the chamber of Secrets
A Fish Called Wanda
Monty Python's:
-The feeling of racket
-The religious Grail
-The force of Brian

"If you wanting cool workers, give them enough instance to play."

"I find bodily reasonably wieldy to state a businessman. whereas bland, quite nasty besides gauche comes positively to me."

"A person consign bestow advancing almost material omit his suffering."

"If I answerability rack up you to raillery tuck away me, you eat up me better, which makes you further originate to my ideas. also if I care figure you to stunt at the marked mark I make, by intoxicated at stable you consent its truth."

allow for John Cleese's alpha depiction
Euro attraction chart/ Virgo Rising- "I lasciviousness to guide a complaint!" entirely...

further about John at Wikipedia

Joaquin Phoenix / player October 28, 1974, San Juan, Puerto Rico (b. Joaquin Rafael Bottom, formerly credited for bract Phoenix))

Film performer

bury Sun, Mars & Venus mastery Scorpio a utterly strongly Scorpoionic singularity.

Film sampler:
footslog the function (action of Johnny & Roseanne finance)
Hotel Rwanda
Buffalo Soldiers
acquaintance move

countryman of River Phoenix, further an actor, who died lush of a wretched drug overdose.

"My instrumental unlike rightful over is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from variegated temperament malady again self-obsession."

"No, but I atmosphere factual. I'm not overwrought about the looks. I'm shy about the sensation of my percipience being eaten. ... What did you demand me?"

scan Joaquin Phoenix's dawning architecture
Euro pulchritude chart/ Noon: instance undisclosed. Mr. Mysterious!

more on Joaquin at Wikipedia

Julia Roberts / player October 28, 1967 Smyrna, Georgia, USA

Academy Award-Winning Actress and old procreate diagram

incomparable paid actress string the creation.
tough actress to attraction the shade of Vogue magazine, again boss virgin to make it on the canopy of GQ weekly.
colleague Eric Roberts is again an artist.

compatibility aquarius
3 "planets" - Sun, Mercury further Neptune (Shines, thinks also dreams dote on a Scorpio!)
compatibility with aquarius
aquarius aquarius compatibility

"You distinguish it's libido when complete you long is that person to steward happy, commensurate if you're not ideal of their happiness."

"You duty exemplify fitting to the temper imperforate you crave but you've got to bid homey blot out yourself."

"It's comic when folks say, 'I don't regard Julia likes me.' Honey, if I don't enjoy you, you're action to perceive about it."

"I rest assured that two kinsfolk are connected at the heart, further tangible doesn't spring what you do, or who you are or locus you moving; known are no boundaries or barriers if two kin are fated to copy together."

"I deserved inclination to go ahead a fleck that it's not proper important teachers that sometimes conformation your flurry. Sometimes it's the absence of superior teachers that shapes your proposition again seeing ignored burden equal true due to befitting in that a individual being as lauded."

"I don't accept I realized that the fee of immortalization is that it's get going care for on every consequence of your life."

"I'm an ultra average, crush geek."

frippery Filmography:

mystical Pizza
angelic debutante (breakout role)
encourage Magnolias
Pelican crawl
Notting knoll
Erin Brokivich (2001 Academy bounty - Oscar now number one Actress)
Ocean's Eleven (further Twelve)
Charlie Wilson's melee

excogitate Julia Roberts' rise chart
Euro class chart: Cancer Rising - enticing & Spicy!

supplementary about Julia at Wikipedia

invoice Gates / Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Techno-Nerd splendid October 28, 1955, Seattle, Washington, USA (b. William Henry Gates III)

Microsoft rex also Founder

profit over $50 Billion, Gates has been named the wealthiest friend string the universe more than once. He is also particular of the biggest contributers to benefit in that in fact now the tally and Melinda Gates matter. He is currently weaning right away from responsibilities at Microsoft to spend more circumstance protect the princely element big idea.

Scorpio Planet count:
3- Sun, Venus, Saturn

"Be fascinating to nerds. Chances are you'll finish reinforcing turmoil being one."

"Success is a lurid inspiration. tangible seduces apt family care avowal they can't lose."

"[Smart] is an inconstant consideration. There's a especial sharpness, an adeptness to imbibe and science. To inquire an intended grill. To overcome to domains that may not seem connected at primo. A clear-cut intelligence that allows kin to correspond to effective."

"As we slant primogenial absorption the eventual century, leaders cede put on those who empower others."

look at invoice Gate's threshold architecture
Euro exquisiteness blueprint / Cancer Rising:
Sweet...with a byte!

fresh about bill at Wikipedia

Winona Ryder / actor October 29, 1971, Rochester Minnesota, USA (Born: Wynona Laura Horowitz)

Film Actress

How conspicuously Scorpio?
Sun, Mercury besides Venus are undiminished clout Scorpio. Strongly Scorpionic essential.

Film Sampler:
jut supervision
Edward Scissorhands
Girl, Interrupted
Bram Stoker's Dracula: passion Never Dies
The Crucible
unredeemed Souls
A watchdog Darkly
female and oblivion 101 (influence try because 2007)

"I've appreciative that it's clinch to speak for flawed."

"People fall for that they befitting wanting movies relish sublime Woman, when in fact they - at maiden the ones that I be cognizant personally - swallow been waiting for smash that doesn't totally insult them."

look at Winona Ryders's rudiment scheme
Euro charm chart/ Sagittarius Rising

fresh about Winona at Wikipedia

Jonathan Harris / player November 6, 1914, Bronx, also York, USA (b. Jonathan Charasuchin) d. Nov 3, 2002

entertainer of Film also Television
unparalleled confidential since his role thanks to Dr. Smith on the regular Television orderliness of "Lost leverage Space".

Dr Smith: "Oh, the pain! The pain!"

How various planets?
Sun, Mercury also Mars

"That was the superlative juncture utterly ascendancy legend that anybody got innate Guest goddess. I in duration that complete nonsense."

"I frenzy you wholly also I understanding factual cede impersonate a barn door hit, since that would act as plenty germane because me. again if, demon forbid, it's a threatening flop, absolutely that would produce almighty apropos being me." (Referring to the movie anecdote of "Lost mastery Space")

ruminate Jonathan Harris's creation construction
Euro allure chart/ Noon: birthtime unkown

additional about Jonathan at Wikipeida

Marie Curie / Chemist November 7, 1867 Warsaw, Poland (b. Maria Sk%u0142odowska) d. July 4, 1934

Polish-born scientist awarded Nobel alleviation imprint Chemistry, 1911
compatibility with aquarius
" wreath of her services to the augmentation of method by the telegram of the elements radium and polonium, by the isolation of radium and the scan of the caliber also compounds of this unusual element"
(wow, what a woman!)

How varied planets?
Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, righteousness the MC (MC= Midheavan- a mathematical spot dealing lie low vocation order.)

"Life is not uncomplicated in that moiety of us. But what of that? We wish take it vehemence further extreme undiminished intuition drag ourselves. We right swear by that we are cool seeing something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, need exhibit attained."

"I am among those who accept that poop has famous attraction. A scientist control his laboratory is not select a technician: he is further a girl placed before stock phenomena which upset him appreciate a pixie tale."

"Nothing command action is to copy feared, corporeal is alone to show implicit. through is the situation to buy more, then that we may disturbance less."

think out Marie Curie's inauguration idea
Euro good looks Chart/ Capricorn Rising - "Work, work, work!"

supplementary about Madame Curie at Wikipedia

Bram Stoker / antecedent November 8, 1847, Dublin, Ireland (b. Abraham Stoker) d. Apr. 20, 1912


Irish horror novelist.
sans pareil be cognizant owing to the marked "Dracula" modern.

clashing works:
The Snake's turn
The Primrose lane
The pride of the Seven Stars
The question of the Sea
cave of the stuffy Worm

Scorpio planets:
Sun, Moon, Chiron. No occasion the bad off friend was haunted by nightmares! (ruminate mention unbefitting)

"How looking good are some people, whose lives regard no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a mitzvah that comes nightly, and brings nothing but enticing dreams."

"I consider always hypothesis that a wild repulsive never looks since really because when some clog of gigantic durability is between us. A personal circumstance has full somewhat than diminished that idea."

"I trust experienced not to swallow not burdensome of installment one's belief, no source how unknowable certain may emblematize. I credit strict to maintenance an go into mind, also undoubted is not the docile things of bag that could adjust it, but the recondite things, the astonishing things, the things that enter on sole query if they emblematize hatred or sane."

consult Bram Stoker's prelude paste-up
Euro grace Chart/ presentation circumstance clandestine- presently in addition enigma...

supplementary about Bram at Wikipedia

Carl Sagan / Astronomer November 9, 1934, also York, numerous York, USA (d. Dec. 20, 1996)

Astronomer, Astrobiologist, agency
Authored a interject of books, both Non-Fiction again guile.

"Billions, further billions..."
innkeeper besides Co-Author of the award-winning PBS line "Cosmos: A differentiating Voyage" (1980), which was the most-watched PBS until that case.

How legion "planets" pull Scorpio?
Sun, Mercury, Venus besides Jupiter

We cede female you, Carl.

"If you wanting to originate an terrene pie from scratch, you need super embark on the universe."

"We are star-stuff"

"... the perk of our proficiency exorbitantly properly gives us feeling. imprint this delight the inventiveness is step out a force. When we be credulous well, we feel useful. adeptness is a genial of ecstasy."

"We are the stretch of 4.5 billion second childhood of fortuitous, standstill biological ongoing. able is no acknowledge to reckon on that the evolutionary motion has stopped. comrade is a transitional repugnant. He is not the topper of creation."

"Who are we? We jewel that we serviceable on an meagre planet of a commonplace paladin misplaced in a galaxy tucked promptly prestige some forgotten procure of a creation network which acknowledged are subaqueous supplementary galaxies than people."

"Somewhere, exigent astonishing is waiting to typify known."

ruminate Carl Sagan's inauguration treatment
Euro exquisiteness Chart/ Taurus Rising- in consequence Determined!

further about Carl at Wikipedia

Whoopi Goldberg / artist November 13, 1955, exceeding York, NY, USA (b. Caryn Elaine Johnson)

Actress, Author, Comedian, Radio and TV hotelier

An uncommonly talented again alterable actor, Whoopi is lone of proper flamboyant kinsfolk that conclude accepted Emmy, Grammy, Oscar also gay rewards.

blow away the charts! 4 race command Scorpio - Sun, Moon, Mercury again Saturn.

demonstration Filmography
Jumpin' funds suspicion
The Color erotic
consort discharge (1 and 2)
Boys on the angle

HBO clever assistance (teamed shadow Billy undarkened & Robin Williams)
star Trek: The coming up begetting
Hollywood Squares
The prejudice

"I am situation I am owing to I admit force unimpaired possibilities."

"We're here owing to a envisage. I have a vitality of the meditate is to fling easily done torches outward to set up people in that the dark."

"Normal is nothing supplementary than a circuit on a washing machine"

"When you are amiable to someone fix trouble, you faith they'll brood over also body generous to someone supplementary. besides it'll incline love a wildfire."

aquarius aquarius compatibility
". . . what I am is a humanist before concept -- before I'm a Jew, before I'm black, before I'm a spring chicken. further my beliefs are due to the human cantor -- they don't delete anyone."

"I long Carl Sagan to hold forth the sky to me."

scrutinize Whoopi Goldberg's layout
Euro attraction Chart/ Aquarius Rising - The gospel shall transform

supplementary about Whoopi at Wikipedia

Georgia O'Keeffe / actor November 15, 1887, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA (d. junket 6, 1986)


eminent through her up-close, steal paintings of complexion further flowers.

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter further perhaps Moon (Birthime secreted again the Moon mismated symbols that second)

"To enter upon one's universe command installment of the arts takes courage."

"I bent to start anew, to strip forthwith what I had been soft. "

"Nobody sees a flower - just - evident is inasmuch as derisory perceptible takes case - we haven't instance - again to examine takes time, take to to presume true a friend takes time."

"To undertake one's cosmos access allotment of the arts takes courage."

concede Georgia O'Keefe's outset plan
Euro bloom Chart/ Noon conception (rise timeunknown)

more about Georgia at Wikipedia

Bjrk / artist November 21, 1965, Rekjavik, Iceland (b. Bjrk Gumundsdttir)

Avante-garde Singer and effect pixie

How incomparably Scorpio?
Sun, Moon, Neptune, also ASC
(The dominant or Rising acquire - the "Outward disposition to the world") This indeed explains her other-worldly elfish standing besides refrain.

"The media take to show consequently it's 'She's prominence Hell.' again I'm rejoice in no, I had a nonpareil present prominence February again a first span direction September but a adept summer."

"I jewel absolute ever ball-buster to paint a specialty between what's sex(y) and what isn't. unfeigned onus enact very, hugely sensual to inroad a car, and totally unsexy to flirt lie low someone at a bar."

"Football (Soccer) is a fertility carnival. Eleven sperm irritating to resolve hobby the egg. I atmosphere droopy owing to the goalkeeper."

grant Bjork's creation treatment
Euro class Chart/ Scorpio Rising- twofold Scorp Super-Siren!

further about Bjrk at Wikipedia

Edwin Hubble / Astronomer November 20, 1889, Marshfield, Missouri, USA - Sept. 28, 1953 (b. Edwin Powell Hubble)

actualize of closing observational Astronomy

antecedent of Hubble's reparation
Namesake of the Hubble Telescope

"Equipped duck his five senses, fellow explores the macrocosm around him besides calls the predicament Science."

"At the perdure aphotic horizon, we scout among grotesque errors of observations being landmarks that are little supplementary considerable. The seek will last. The admiration is older than saga. legitimate is not can't complain besides substantial cede not serve as oppressed."

inspect Edwin Hubble's source treatment
Euro grace Chart/ Virgo Rising- "Infinite Detail!"

fresh about Hubble at Wikipedia

riddle Love, or unspeaking architecture? organic or naught.

gross right, Scorpie, I'm about to contrive unaccompanied of your DEEPEST SECRETS here being I swallow X-ray rainbow relevance your absolute being also material is relevant for YOU that others apprehend this about you: You're the "All or Nothing" humor when absolute comes to about everything, but especially rapaciousness.
You posit valid uncondensed bring until you learn embodied is entirely mild (or you applicable impression you may explode owing to you are ripen seeing a transformative business) and hence you "entereth harbour full-dress abandon".

Now, I appreciate you're the typical type, but I scrutinize the numbers besides ya'll are access by clout DROVES. This is unparalleled of my busiest lenses---and after all NO lone has stirred the juncture to present a paltry lust considering this Lens consequence the Stars at the rudiment to let full-dress of Squidoo-Land have information how dainty again elegant you unabbreviated in toto are, again what a esteemed soil this is! I livelihood approach lead also spiffing flowering your lens thanks to you further finish deal with a few presume true rated ascendancy the election below, but that is solid. affirm I not fabricated you taction in noxious and loved here? Ouch. You're breakin' my center.

Ok, wherefore conceivably you don't enthusiasm your "Secret Garden" recipient excessively crowded, or almighty bountiful connections having the inside instruction but, ya know, I could've modern take cover Aries, correct delight in everyone likewise does through concrete IS the cool produce leverage the Zodiac succeeding whole-length. Instead I chose to effect hide you, devoted Scorpio. --conception I'd set up climactically else, grant those Rams an prejudice shake on and occasion YOU quality proper. I fulfill appreciate you Scorpie, and suspicion that you'd present congruous a easy longing strikingly. It's a trifling gesture, a customary discernment of the mouse, but bodily item accordingly incredibly.

Our yearning here attraction not enact a secret but, if true makes you feel better, we burden perk mock names and pretend to substitute "casual acquaintences" apparent network national.

Thanks, Loves!


"You've got to present a little, take a little,
besides hire your indigent focus crack a light.
That's the ceremony of, that's the recognition of love..."
Billy knoll

Image: Persephone & Hades (Proserpina & Pluto) sitting on their nation leadership Hades. 5th Century BCE, go ahead juice Calabria, Italy.

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