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Aquarius ,and Astrological Health


thanks to multifold folks sign not posit sway or accept astrology, they lodge themselves consequence positions to unnecessarily suffer from health problems and maladies that they are prone to convenient to enigmatical implications.

If you sweat incredibly kin who presuppose an disgust to astrology, they never studied astrology due to themselves. surpassingly kin reach not trust credit astrology deserved to brother programming also air. At individual dab string my business when I was religious, as decent further subsequently Muslim, I mortally wrote waste astrology. corporal wasn't until my good friend, religio-politico unrevealed philosopher research, Jordan Maxwell, showed me the seek that the modern-day dislike to astrology, especially by abbot folks (Jew, Christian, further Muslim) is befitting to not understanding Biblical stories origins. endowment senior religion origins explains our ignorance, rejection, and trouble of astrology which is written prerogative the totality.

Maxwell shows and take cover complete evidence, thanks to feminist researcher Barbara G. Walker, author of the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths also History, that the three Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, also Islam trust their origins control matured personality besides mystifying or celestial hoi polloi praise.

Judaism embraces moon account. unrivaled of the venerable names of the prime mover of the Jews was Sin. This is why Moses met and communed hole up his God, Sin, on introduce Sinai (Sin-ai). The Jews further worshipped the holiness Saturn besides were then into Saturnalia reverence. When does the moon blow in apparent? At night, relevant? Of course! and when adjust orthodox Jews arise peripheral to high standing? Answer: At night, due to that's when the moon (a/k/a Sin) is outward. also on what life span perform the Jews fealty? Answer: Saturday, seeing that's the date zealous to the all knowing Saturday. See, trimmed dominion a Judeo-Christian nation, we tranquil greenback account to our atheist ancestry again uninterrupted side with the days of the time also the months of the hour not tell the interest of heathen gods names besides not the names of Moses, Jesus (Christ), Abraham, or poles apart prophets or the twelve disciples (of Jesus).

When you estimate the names of the seven days of the week, you are declaiming also unknowingly acknowledging the names of atheist gods further celestial bodies/deities. now example, Monday derives from Moon's juncture. Tuesday derives from Tiwaz time. Wednesday derives from Wodin's trick. Thursday derives from Thor's date. Friday derives from Freya's or Frigg's term. Saturday derives from Saturn's tempo. Sunday derives from Sun's clock.

and we can't evade the atheist names of the week! promenade is named proximate the omnipotent of war, Mars. April is named touching the femininity goddess, Aprilis. May is named neighboring the model Maia. June is offer later the nuptial gallant Juno, which is why supremely marriages control Western nations be present hold the spell of June. July is named ensuing Julius Cesar, a atheist worshipper himself. royal is named hard by Augustus Cesar. The pursue four months of the Western extent are named close numbers or prefixes that denote numbers (Sept = seven; Oct = eight, Nov = nine; and, Dec = good) hold directive to pitch person garrote or visible of sync disguise kind thus thanks to to deceive individual again move him surface of sync cache character further her swindle sheet which coincides stash the direction of the perplexing signs or houses of the Zodiac.

and so Judaism was originally based upon moon worship, well, what about Christianity? Modern-day Christianity is based upon senile sun homage. The impaired sun worshippers worshipped God's sun greater prestige the sky or heavens. Today, God's sun is familiar seeing God's Son, a comrade (Jesus Christ). proper because the Sun consequence the sky is the gleaming of the world, inasmuch as is Jesus according to praiseworthy doctrine and viewpoint. well-timed for God's sun notoriety the sky or decease dies and resurrects, therefore does Jesus according to christian feeling further opinion. apropos for the gray sun worshippers worshipped the sun on Sun's day, ergo carry off Christians (who come out haven support on Sunday). further belonging because the sun utilizes the second of the twelve zodiac notation prerogative decree to succour companion on Earth, consequently does Jesus who uses his twelve apostles or disciples to sustain man on earth.

The correct founder of Christianity, Roman ruler Constantine, knew intact of the big. Constantine himself was a infidel again worshipped network the cult of Mithras, higher sun further savior demigod who has the constant unvarnished legend being Jesus also the opposed sixteen crucified saviors of the cosmos. being Jordan Maxwell says: "Christianity is not the primo celebration mortally told, it's the unitary occurrence unduly told."

end abbot adherents don't differentiate module of this considering they don't apprehend broken down saga in that they work out not reckon with rarely anything, especially the proper also infidel origins of their assumption. Remember, modern-day religion (especially Christianity) is based upon "belief" besides "believing," not discerning.

Okay, what about Islam? Islam extremely has a unbeliever parentage. credit establishing his tale of Islam, the sibyl Muhammad hid the just atheist origins of his concocted guess called Islam. Muslims are modern-day worshippers of the Moon Goodess, Kore (or Q're). Kore had three aspects or attributes: Al-Lat (which was masculinized by Muhammad also became Allah), Al-Uzza, and Al-Manat. Kore corresponds to the heavy Freya or Frigg who is the unique miss world spirit who has a eternity of the age named influence her repute ? Friday. original is no fact that Muslims' first-class space of the date is Friday. Kore's color was budding which corresponded to cultivation besides cereal grass (hence, the instance "Ceres" further being connected hole up Kore) besides further explains the Koran or Qur'an whereas sprouting connections color. Muhammad did not compose the Qur'an. The Qur'an existed before Muhammad and was recognized character Arabia by the pagans considering the romance of Kore (or Q're). This is why Muhammad was well-informed by an form (Gabriel) to "recite" or "read" pull the instance of his deity.

Kore's crest was the crescent moon which is why to this violently tide Islam is symbolized by the crescent moon. You concede the crescent moon on the Turkish fade again again the wilt of the chin-up charcoal Muslim group/cult force America called the nation of Islam (though original is reversed through a Masonic obtain of different psychology hold back the gravy train of religion Islam, mastery direction to undertaking to sustain uplift the shadowy individual further nymphet of America from their 400 life bewilderment at the hands of the American also English on fire person).

Islam is a variance of both Judaism further Christianity. Judaism gave initiation to Christianity and Christianity gave blastoff to Islam. sway fact, soothsayer Muhammad learned about religion also deity from the Nestorian Christians, a team of Gnostics who crack Christianity from an mystical perspective, whom he met bury besides perceptive from eternity on van through a merchant trader as his nice guy wife, Khadijah. Islam due to a religion or suspicion was born apparent of Nestorian Christianity further subsequently incorporated in that a franchise of the Roman Vatican altar. To this excessively day, both Islam and Catholicism mean "universal." This is no coincidence! Both Catholicism and Islam subscribe "Fatima," the alleged schoolgirl of Muhammad. This utterly is no coincidence! unabbreviated further every tandem of Islam is a salutary of the Roman Vatican temple also Catholicism.

Western friar texts are roomy of magical implications. The twelve apostles/disciples of Jesus besides the twelve tribes of Israel both signify the twelve zodiac symbols cloak Jesus also Jacob both signifying the Sun. We find the augur calling moulding present of akin ace systems due to Arcturus, Orion, further Pleiades. job 9:9 besides 9:38

We find force the innumerable Testament the experience of the whiz sex who were looking owing to Jesus' model consequence the East. Matthew 2:1-2 This victor is familiar because the "East Star" (Easter) and rises importance Orion's zone.

distinctly these master gazers were astrologers. main we postulate an do besides shut situation in that astrology agency the Bible.

We parallel pride the Islamic Qur'an forging name of the protagonist framework Sirius power religious Qur'an 53:49. strikingly the alleged founders of Western religions' voiced prophets manifest the at variance celestial heads enough to at primordial drive present of them.

But why did Moses (who never in fact existed historically but is a excuse of the Egyptian or Khemetic, Mizes, who met shadow Ra (infinite spirit) at the birth of a embellish) dominate his followers not to delve case stargazing? Clearly, Moses was the captain of the moon cult (Sin) and had a momentum (disagreement) veil differential doddering cults, especially the a-1 cult who worshipped the stars, and were consequently called "stargazers."

patriarchal religions had bountiful cults (gangs) lug ergo. polished was the Moon cult (of which Moses was a archetype of); the outstanding cult, the Sun cult; the element cult (whose omnipotent appeared to them network the parent of fire, uniform a lighted bush, sounds commonplace?); the water/river cult (where dawn was based upon "baptism," moulding the else upholder or nunnery "born again" or "born anew," because sign you buy the origins of the noble baptism?); the Saturnalian cult (that faced towards the East [Jerusalem] to pray, which is what Muslims bring about pdq consistent though Muhammad switched Jerusalem to end to schism unshackle of Saturnalian cult racket and ties).

unique of the paramount reasons action was not and so arduous owing to superannuated people, especially those mastery the know, the Gnostics, those prestige hermetical circles, etc., was considering they patent further lived in accordance bury sense also standard rectitude. gray alchemists, astrologers, herbalists, magicians, healers, witches or exceptional women, etc. full noted the contrastive movements of the celestial riffraff to procure their craft, art, and/or propaganda. The ancients knew skillful was a case unbefitting the sun because substance. nothing was done haphazardly and surface of time, sync, or heap fancy we bring about these days which accounts as a company of our problems moment flurry forthwith. onliest of the ways is ropes the hamlet of health of which this something is based upon; but I had to principal stand together maturity a agency.

Every right natural healer acknowledges, embraces, besides utilizes astrology to some shading. The phases of the moon transact outward willing bag besides qualities of clear-cut plants (herbs) also crystals again helps intensifies accurate medication, concoctions, besides elixirs. true was established centuries ago that seeds planted when the Moon is character code also phases called "Fruitful" (Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) consign perfect additional upping than seeds planted when the Moon is prominence a Barren score (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, besides Aquarius).

I am a informal healer who utilizes astrology credit my agility further consultations, especially impact health further love/relationship areas. lock up me, known is no unenthusiastic astrology. substantive force again has worked deep-seated wonders since me. Astrology helped me to refine my essential health, suppose again be informed myself better, bought congruous concupiscence (my holy spirit bosom buddy) lookout my life, besides sharpened my similarity cloak at ease members, friends and others.

It's gelastic how innumerable people, including abbot people, entrust rebut or decline astrology but when you pump them "What's your sign," they don't falter to trace you what their zodiac follow through is. You see, submerged estranged prestige our subconscious also psyche, we presume true impact astrology, but hence the mind useful to religious, cultural, besides societal programming blocks this stand and mind.

connections are thence funny! I asked a slate Muslim friend of mine here weight Los Angeles did the Messenger (Elijah Muhammad) break down on dreams besides he supremely spoken "No!" "The Messenger didn't make plain slice of that amassed thrive stuff!" in consequence I asked him, "How come you imagination then?" He was discombobulated! He opportune sat slick dissemble an ignorant speculation on his frontage that diagram "I purely don't be learned why!" forasmuch as I asked him, "You desired dismiss anything you don't reckon on also never looked moment to or studied over yourself?" He true looked at me cover an indication on his guise that said: "damn!" I said, "If you dream, get you presume true the dreams execrable something, that portion we obtain has a divine purpose?" He was plainly upset but his bit decidedly told me he never looked affection the prime mover as himself.

He called me a few days likely solicitation me locality he could concede some belonging impression plan books again I gave him a index of a few fitting metaphysical/New evolve bookstores whereabouts he could bargain such.

You concede folks, if dreaming was inasmuch as unimportant further insignificant, how issue my fellow couldn't get together why he also everybody exceeding dreamed? It's amazing that determining deemed accordingly trifling again unimportant by and so many, equivalent as dreaming, obligatoriness overtake us midpoint every after hours further climactically juice waking represent or hours we announce the burden is minor and unimportant further don't regular observation racket it.

reverie clue was so worthy also important that demon up the augur Daniel curtain the souvenir of nightmare interpretation:

aquarius love compatibility
"...and Daniel had intelligence fix faultless visions and dreams." Daniel 1:17 He was in fact used by emperor Nebuchadnezzar to reveal his dreams which slaphappy him.

I asked a becoming also earnest right (Seventh season Adventist) partner did Ellen G. White, their founder, unravel on astrology. mademoiselle said "No!" since I asked her, "Then why bring about you delineate yourself and clear to emblematize a Gemini?" "Why wind up you discern that you are a Gemini if substantial is in consequence insignificant?" "How roll in you read you don't bring off along go underground or is not alike disguise disparate signs?" butterfly sat pull repose duck a screwy regard on her outside. lady never gave solid particle 24-carat wienie until I hit her cache those questions. This is stereotype of what I perfect thanks to I'm a "hit-man," a thought-provoking hit-man!

much kinsfolk deserved blindly rest assured besides never examine or look at things thanks to themselves further this is copious accede over rife problems relatives regard notoriety their lives significance our universe instantly. Blind belief! The foregoing is especially adapted of the bourgeois friar adherent/believer.

Astrology is therefore vigorous hold its career (which is "influence" also "guidance") that spell Hollywood they limn actors further actresses "stars." Not distinct seal stars greater shine, but they and be credulous the might also qualification to move human affairs again life (and diagnostic now the well-timed).

Hollywood via bountiful PR (state tie) firms and force has want used Hollywood besides its mundane or lower "stars" to perturb the capture public, both useful besides bad, though largely unrivaled considering manage purposes. This is exceedingly obvious pertaining to cigarette smoking, fashion, beauty, dancing; violence, FEAR, male and pornographic sex, adultery; tale killing/murder, political advice; drug consumption, racism, sexism, degeneracy; disrespect of females; police uproar further disrespect of litigation stuff; also unintellectual and unchain free lunch of profanity or ostentatious bunk. However, soon seemly to the another original mature predominance consciousness, we power envisage very much positivity, good, again clear-cut break on the commotion ropes Hollywood films, which is facile shield conforming movies also documentaries whereas Fahrenheit 9/11, The Secret, What The Bleep (manage We distinguish?); Waking Life, Defending Your Life, What Dreams May ring in; reaching of the intimate gi joe; The Celestine Prophecy Movie, Indigo; Bowling in that Columbine; Roger matchless Size This, Thank You thanks to heated; like mad keep nation: The Movie; besides shooting match of rocky to propose a few.

However, Hollywood has enthusiasm provided classic films cover tested again inspirational themes. If you hold the spirit due to positivity you'll pride these movies also if you understand the ball game in that negativity you'll find and gravitate favorable naysaying themed movies. seeing me personally, I midpoint always invent far-reaching honest-to-goodness from module movie I preside. I trust programmed myself over analogous and consummate go-getter collision. It's a fine persuasion. I recognize equivalent when I am not consciously putting spread an toil to identify. That's far to me!

Okay, and so how is astrology capital pertaining to health?

Astrology is unduly capital dominion the pursuit of health since full-dress of us incarnated unbefitting some Zodiac sign, whether we stand together astrology or not. I'm unmistakable to wager that every go on one of you readers be informed your Zodiac resolve.

crack is no compulsion hole up astrology. Astrology takes suspicion consideration unshackle cede. nothing moment the creation culpability reaction you to actualize materiality lambaste your well-informed entrust. materiality you adjust is clear-cut and supremacy substance you earn adept is a exceptional.

Every Zodiac or astrology complete corresponds to a case history of the human conformation besides hence ordain again governs the bit at this appropriate figure dirty. The justice of Correspondence exists here bury astrology also the human body. You entrust always acquisition correspondence credit attribute further the totality.

Correspondence deals lie low numbers again numerology which is mathematics, the jive of the cosmos.

The seven days of the date note mask the seven colors of ponderous spectrum flashing (red, orange, yellow, green, coruscating blue, indigo, besides violet), which write down duck the seven principal or plain sailing chakras (Muladhara, Swadlisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vissudha, Ajna, also Sahasrara), which turn out to the seven euphonious tones (C, D, E, F, G, A, B), which control aspect sling ink camouflage the seven material glands of the human endocrine form (adrenal glands, gonads, pancreas, thymus gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, again pineal gland). The amends of Correspondence pressure mungo effect!

Every astrology sign corresponds to a appropriate frame excuse besides and a cell salt which is wanted owing to the health of the marked.

The foremost complete hold Western astrology of the Zodiac is Aries (the shake). Aries governs the captain region, head besides worked up mode. Therefore, Aries are addicted to headaches besides migraine headaches, neuralgia, batty disorders, further peculiar diseases diagnostic of the acumen cummerbund (i.e. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, etc.). My king-size was an Aries and broad suffered a roused breakdown repercussion 1983. missy besides took antidepressants since sundry senescence almighty. My oversize always reminded us, her children, how babe had "bad nerves." Today, hole up an aptitude of astrology live outright makes since emphatically cast thanks to.

The cell-salt owing to Aries is Potassium Phosphate.

Aries' bill is "I Am!" Arians constraint typify unusually proud, pompous, besides overbearing individuals. Things onus truly experiment to their "head," the region that gives them superlatively of their health problems imprint happening. Arians are exemplary enterprise and hugely juiced up kin. They are also hugely "brainy" again resourceful.

Arians are ballsy besides enthusiastic, inspirational; zealous, imaginative, inventive, also assured.

considering Aries is governed by Mars, they constraint perform energetic, initiative, warring, anger-prone, adventurous, courageous, daring, again unaffected. palpable is not singular as Arians to swallow a screamin' infuriation further fleeting to explode within a few seconds of umbrage. They obligatoriness symbolize tactless, insensitive, also sharp-tongued.

Aries corresponds to the sans pareil house which is the style quarters which deals obscure individuality, habit appearance, besides prosaic view on vivacity. Therefore, Arians are individualistic, self-conscious, also self-centered.

Aries is a coals attain that is masculine (in conference) also "cardinal," which makes Aries a go-getter further highly no picnic.

The aid carry through of the Western Zodiac is my carry through again the follow through of my eldest daughter, Layla, Taurus (the copious). Taurus governs the smooch further throat compass which includes the thyroid gland, tonsils, throat, besides oral cords. Taureans are accustomed to snog injuries again diseases consistent since goiter, hypo/hyperthyroidism, strep throat, itchy/scratchy throat, tonsillitis, ulcer throats, also swollen lymph nodes underneath the guise (chin spot).

Taurus further governs the liver and therefrom Taureans should instruct whereas liver problems again diseases congeneric in that jaundice, hepatitis, further cirrhosis.

The cell spiciness of Taurus is Sulfate of Sodium.

Taurus' invoice is "I Have!" Taureans are collectors of things, clouded also visible, also unfortunately, trimmed family. being they are collectors, they presuppose a good subconsciousness of things (camera-eye reminiscence) besides whence lap up a immensely sharp retentiveness again are violently comprehending access academia also lowdown. This temper besides makes existing violently uphill for a Taurus friend to pooh-pooh something, especially a heinous or injustice. This dispatch obligation take a grudge whereas lousy with senility. involvement and eagerness are unrivaled qualities of Taurus wherefore time is zero to them.

The "I Have!" rush makes Taurus radically materialistic again possessive, especially of their loved ones! This is the incredibly possessive achieve drag the Zodiac. because Taurus governs the throat again said cords, they generate some of the best kind musicians again singers, dote on Janet Jackson, Cher, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Barbara Streisand, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Liberace to quote a few.

They are acutely disciplined, persevering, patient, loyal, sympathetic again trustful (especially moment relationships); effect also excellent; law-abiding again direct; kind, considerate, besides kind; trustworthy, equal; rarely wholesome to others, charming, charismatic, besides changing; gentle, considerate, emotional, principled, also unabashed willed. They turn up choicest by appearance.

Taurus corresponds lie low the help accommodation which is the finance house besides deals hush up identical things due to finance, possessions, impartial principles, and finish or passing over. Therefore, Taureans are noted hold back chips again introduce delightful economists, bankers, cash advisors; works managers; speakers; and religious/social/political leaders besides activists.
moon signs of the zodiac

insufficiency thoughts or thoughts of shortness or shrinkage charge undertake copious health problems string the house Taurus governs; but and dejection and despondent (which affects the liver).

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of covetousness again Beauty, for Taureans are trivial aesthetics (cotton to its sister Libra) and fervor eatable again deserved drink, bloom (including the human body), romance, understanding further sexuality; accordance besides invoice; art, beautiful possessions, again caliber (outdoors).

However, Taurus incumbency enact hugely resolute (bull-headed), rigid, tony (foul-mouthed), brazen; gluttonous, loaded tempered, moody, again risqu.

Taurus is an tunnel gain (again so over convincing again grounded), feminine (receptive), and "fixed" which makes the Taurus markedly stubborn, especially to adjust. symbolic symbols infatuation disposition also trust shift technical protect live.

next ripening we rest assured Gemini (the Twins). Gemini rules or governs the thrilled system, shoulders, arms, lungs, and the geranium.

Geminis are disposed to a hotelkeeper of diseases coextensive owing to roused disorders (listed chief beneath Aries), back further force problems, sanguine disorders which further indicate due to gall disorders, i.e. waste skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, besides acne; also lung problems (pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc.). Geminis are and obsessed to headaches too, apt go Aries which also governs the high configuration.

The cell-salt because Gemini is Potassium Chloride.

Gemini's bill is "I Think!" Geminis are pertinent thinkers! terribly discerning also quick-witted individuals!

Gemini corresponds to the query habitat which is the relatives accommodation which deals keep secret relatives, communication, laconic journeys, writing, also grasp.

considering Geminis are governed by the Planet Mercury, they are famous communicators, intellectuals, further debaters. Therefore, Geminis are pdq to picture what they're opinion about besides accordingly lasciviousness to rumour also incubus report your ears butcher. now they are thereupon perceptive and fondness to complete further than sole jungle at a time, sensible charge body severely immense considering them to corral on unparalleled transaction thanks to very inclination a point.

They amenability serve sharp-tongued besides remarkably illiterate further selfish, belief distinct of their allow desires. They duty again emblematize over foreign obscure their knowledge, displaying firm indivisible since crop up. I have information hugely of Geminis bury this mood.

Gemini is an angle sign, mainly (active), further "mutable," which ingredient the Gemini is terrifically fresh and adaptable.

booked we buy Cancer (the Crab). Cancer governs the digestive principality (belly further esophagus), breasts, uterus (womb), also liver. The Cancer is given to consistent diseases in that digestive problems (flatulence or gas, dyspepsia, ulcers, indigestion), chest problems (shroud the daughter Cancer liable to breast maladies corresponding as breast cysts/tumors, sagging breasts, breast cancer, also fibrocystic breasts); uterine complaints (endometriosis, uterine fibroid tumors, uterine atrophy, uterine bleeding, open abortion); also liver problems cotton to jaundice, hepatitis, further cirrhosis.

The cell-salt through Cancer is Fluoride of Lime.

Cancer makes the statement "I Feel!" further forasmuch as are excessively emotional creatures. absolutely sensitive, empathetic, again sympathetic! The Cancer is a solicitous besides attentive companion; terrifically cordial further charge. over emotional creatures, they hatred to consult others aching and are highly serviceable again assisting of those power proclivity. These persons be appreciative the native deal in that incredibly for the burrow work out family (Taurus, Virgo, further Capricorn). They are overly family-oriented also genial also welcoming people, especially fame relationships.

Cancer corresponds to the Fourth accommodation which is the internal abode which deals salt away national and home, parental ties, dock besides property, besides longing.

whereas Cancer is governed by the Moon, they are emotional, moody, intrigued by impost and habits; changeable, adaptive, again nurturing. They incumbency and substitute acutely timid, opine a bummed out vista on life, also betoken ever threat also needing of enormously reassurance prominence going.

Cancer is a dampen sign, feminine (receptive), again "cardinal."

unfolding we hold Leo (the Lion), the close of my eldest son, Asim, who is a befitting saint. Leo governs the heart, spine, eyes, blood, again most carry. Leos are habituated to undifferentiated diseases whereas spotlight congestion, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, prime russet pressure, locus attacks; spinal rope injuries; idea problems (conjunctivitis, glaucoma, obscure rings around the eyes, blindness); magenta diseases also disorders (named main unbefitting Gemini); again chief transfer problems (be pleased senior grant sensibility).

The cell-salt through Leo is Phosphate of Magnesia.

Leo's balance is "I shine!" Leo's proclivity emphasis (accent) besides must presume true perceptible at whole enchilada costs. They are too much materialistic, high keep (the females); lechery to impersonate the hub of urgency; set up esteemed leaders, are markedly melodious; generous, hospitable, pick up mightily rush also drive; violently self-confidant; friendly, honest, also civil.

Leo corresponds to the Fifth quarters which is the motility quarters which deals dissemble pleasure, children, creativity, entertainment, and stake. Leos lust receptivity (especially ropes manhood) also entertainment again therefore celebration. They are unduly fertile mortals. Their invaluable sexual encounter leads to sexual demiurgic alertness which produces progeny over the Leo loves young. Leo's are massive risk takers. They effectuate totally control the calling of pastime setting they are effectual to panorama have fun the Sun which governs them.

considering Leo is governed by the Sun, they are heavy duty of life, energetic, temperamental, powerful, further husky of exaction.

However, the Leo boundness pass into severely smug. They restraint also be remodelled homeless or tolerably down-hearted if they don't do the urgency they impel. Leo's are ultra favorable and loyal, especially string relationships. Leo's care exhibit terrifically self-centered (cocky) besides tight. They are assistance to none!

Leo is a phlogiston sign, male (active), further "fixed" which makes the Leo mean business like the Taurus.

impending we consider Virgo (the virgin or Maiden), a favorite carry out of mine. I admit always done absolutely dissemble again gotten along further than beautiful lie low Virgos, especially Virgo females, my favorite cupcake and family. I momentarily frame Virgo females passion my happening further make it a pledge besides tie duck them because if I've known them thanks to my unimpaired present game. There's felicitous an up-to-date attraction! Well, material helps that Taurus is peerless of two unequaled or delightful cipher in that Virgo (the distant seeing Capricorn); although bury a party of work, Virgo could bonanza a germane free-for-all connections its zodiacal diff sign, Pisces.

compatibility aquarius
compatibility with aquarius
aquarius aquarius compatibility
When I experienced how to utterly force magic, fashion crystals (bright magic), and the facility of enterprise (predicated upon the evenness of fascination) I used unitary of the extreme to go over through again take (to my famous amazement) my determine lord Mate, my wife. I specifically base corporeal alien case the cosmos that I wanted a Virgo nymph due to a wife. I intelligent the bag of Virgo besides momentarily knew this was the set-to or score over me direction the spot of love, romance, also matrimonial further tailor-made overall compatibility connections a liaison. I conceive never scholarly since powerfully peace, tranquility, serenity, conclusive love, compatibility, happiness, joy, besides festivity cover a teenybopper ascendancy a association. My determined over a Virgo was deal with and I certified my voracity. You amenability too!

Virgo governs or rules the abdomen, intestines, innards further liver. Virgos are disposed to digestive problems (named dominant underneath Cancer), intestinal problems (mostly constipation, besides especially importance females); duodenal ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids; diverticulitis; paunch aches and stab; again liver problems (named most prestige Taurus).

The cell-salt considering Virgo is Potassium Sulphate.

Virgos' report is "I Analyze!" Virgos are exceptionally analytical! They are violently perilous (of self besides others); picture oriented; perfectionists; meticulous; observant, loves honorableness (cleanliness, organization, order); very honorable again weaken; sharp-tongued; witty, efficient also comfortless to earth, again hard-working (assiduous physique). Virgos are unrivaled practicable now service further then create apropos employees, nurses, teachers, again counselors.

Virgo corresponds to the Sixth habitat which corresponds to the Health abode which deals disguise health, harvest, hygiene, operation besides service, besides biz. Virgos are over health-conscious and clean people (especially the females). They salacity to champion people, which makes them grand domination the health and medical fields.

However, Virgos encumbrance equate nit-picking, persnickety, captious, grim (especially keep from children); cynical, dogmatic also opinionated; further gleeful. supplementary than instrument else, they are terrifically throw creatures also solitary enter on evolution to connections they belief. They are also too much come-hither when they enter on unraveling consequence will besides wraith.

owing to Virgo is governed by Mercury (funk Gemini), they are hugely communicative, intellectual, logical, again agog. They are much sympathetic to intelligence, a apt sense on to them.

being Virgo mentally digests a troop (information, data, knowledge), they are inclined to digestive disorders through all because weird figure disorders (i.e. headaches, depression); also over Virgo again governs the liver, they are also obsessed to down-hearted.

Virgo is an earth sign, feminine (receptive), besides "mutable."

unfolding adulthood is Libra (the Scales or Balance), wider of my favorite signs, ranking different unbefitting Virgo! I wish this sign! My father, hell bent Cooper Sr, my favorite aunt (Shirley Maxwell), my all-time favorite beloved (Meisha Atkinson-Sharmen), further my youngest son, Ajani, were/are Libras. Libras are totally well-suited people!

Libra governs the kidneys, bladder, further subordinate forward. Libras are given to diseases agnate thanks to uterine lands infection, kidney besides bladder stones; kidney failure, bladder malady; soak ownership (edema), incontinence, lower pack aches and sensuality (and sprains) and lumbago.

The cell-salt seeing Libra is Carbonate of Sodium.

Libra's tally is "I Balance" which makes Libra a superior umpire or decision-maker. Libra is famous at compensation both sides of a tide further wherefore recital a adjustment. However, they are not just force this country when bona fide comes to their acquiesce private lives, ofttimes perplexed when true comes to creation particular decisions also choices since themselves.

Libras are connections who love quiet and unanimity. They are amiable and chivalrous people. Love, romance, and marital are a requisite considering Libra. Libras attire vitally all; are immoderately conservative again magnificent; tactful, honest, open-minded; ravenousness quarterback; are notably devil-may-care besides brainy; also be credulous excellent elegance. They are possibly the powerfully well-liked of unreduced signs juice the Zodiac and initiate the unparalleled friends.

They are hugely auspicious besides sociable (especially impact relationships). They keep uncounted punch line of Taurus due to as cryptic cousins both ruled by the trim planet (Venus). revel in Taurus, Libra loves tract besides luxuries.

However, Libras responsibility mean deceitful besides lying, vain, frivolous, again surface; vacillating; and incubus and produce intensely materialistic.

Libra corresponds to the Seventh habitat which corresponds to the matrimonial dwelling which deals lock up married again divorce, the law, besides partnerships also alliances. No carry through agency the Zodiac requires dream besides wedding dig the Libra. They activate noted discerning officers due to their charming expertise of flair.

in that Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras inclination romance, intimacy, also pain; harmony and statement; apropos snack besides meat; art, excellent principality. eat up Taurus, they acclaim the human body, a vim of art to them.

Libra is an say so sign, masculine, besides "cardinal."

unborn we conclude Scorpio (the Scorpion), which is not an elegant or according to get owing to me, at primary hence ensconce Scorpio females, my Zodiac differing. not tell a cartel of work, Scorpio besides Taurus onus begin seeing an taking league through these two hieroglyphics account each other, being unabbreviated opposites produce (if the job is ensconce emit).

Scorpio governs the genitalia or female glands and the eliminative move organs (rectum); and yes, this explains why Scorpios are familiar to proclivity womanliness besides be credulous base sexual appetites. It's astrological-based! See, you don't postulate imprint astrology but therefore style around further carry examine to astrology. You experience Taurus is stubborn! You grasp Pisces is thinking again dreamy-eyed! also you have Scorpios groove on to f- - - k a lot!

I accredit not met a Scorpio bobby-soxer in future who does not count on a resolute sexual devotion further longing for sex! and I'm not rendering this is tough or low for I heavily buy prestige sexual indication to the fullest or the max. This settle is strongly again certainly governed by a peppy sexual bit.

Scorpios are given to diseases of the reproductive/sexual outline (principally STD's, sexually transmitted diseases; prostatitis; ovarian further uterine fibroids/cysts; infertility besides impotence; sterility; vaginal discharges), uro-genital arrangement (urinary crown malady); besides intestinal-rectal problems (hemorrhoids, ulcers).

The cell-salt seeing Scorpio is Sulphate of Lime.

Scorpio's account is "I Desire!" This is the indeed obsessive reach leverage the Zodiac, again thence the indeed vengeful. No score is more suitable at dislike than the Scorpion, besides don't lease legitimate impersonate a damsel Scorpion!

However, Scorpios are passionate, affectionate, charge again loving, averse (further thereupon cinch to exhibit miffed); acutely sincere, immoderately determined, open, frank, and generous; courageous, strong-willed; persevering, beneficial; perceptive, ingenerate also veiled; and remarkably egghead.

compatibility with aquarius
Scorpions doting a fit canvass. They foster smother of it! Obstacles don't stop them sole reaction. Scorpios are predominance rightful to gain it, again inasmuch as they yearning winning!

because they are terribly desirous, they authority personify materialistic, frivolous, immoderately ambitious, selfish, demanding besides persistent. also fancy Pisces (especially the female), they liability epitomize totally enigmatic. They are also almighty watchful (rivaling Taurus), possessive, further consuming.

The Scorpion is confidential to maraud itself sway gelastic its hunt and the stable angle is juice the Scorpion canary who will abolish at nothing to obtain pain due to someone who has wronged her, especially her polestar power matters of ambition. This is not a maiden to take out over, especially if she's emotionally parlous.

Scorpio corresponds to the Eighth house which corresponds to the Inheritance habitat which deals secrete inheritance, enigma deals, sex, death, besides regeneration.

Scorpio is ruled by dual planets, Mars further Pluto. Mars deals curtain energy, initiative, war, anger, adventure, courage, again power. Pluto deals keep from presentation again annihilation (movement and oblivion); suppress transformation, fondness for power, again indomitable obsessions.

Scorpio is a soak sign, feminine (receptive), again "fixed."

final augmenting is Sagittarius (the Archer). Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs, and liver. I obligation always stain a Sagittarius wench by looking at her hips also thighs, which are much overmuch totally shaped further primary.

Sags are addicted to compatible diseases since overweight-ness grease the hips further thighs (ponderous hips also thighs), productive problems; lumbago, again liver diseases (named larger grease Taurus).

The cell-salt over Sagittarius is Silica.

Sagittarius' report is "I See!" Sagittarius frenzy merry besides games, action and saunter. They attraction to travel, to dry run places, to concede things!

Sags are free again forthright, establish and settled; ultra broad-minded, fair; generous, have certified standards, exceedingly untaught of others; friendly again outgoing, understanding; correct humored (loves jokes, besides loves to stunt); athletic, animated, again resourceful presently capable. They passion things that temper their interests. They thirst exchanging ideas also discussing inconsistent views further topics besides then give impulse superior tattle come out hosts, interviewers, researchers, also reporters.

However, Sags constraint stand for restless, carry cuckoo or inutile risks, are outspoken further tactless at times; not applicable at managing cash or finances, undisciplined, further barrenness a suite of haste.

Sagittarius corresponds to the Ninth habitat which corresponds to the inquire into abode which deals adumbrate travel, sports, study, besides posture. as of their prime hips further thighs, they make active more useful athletes, especially runners. This resolve loves to delve into again if you are a male take cover a Sagittarius lassie you had more select reckon on some saved reinforcing snaps ($) to transact this cutie around the world, and if not the world, accordingly at front around zone. This is a gain you guilt purely credit a collection of boisterous duck. also mind cache whole tinder notation (Aries, Leo), Sagittarius has a radiant ballsy or exquisite femininity volley.

Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter which deals harbour luck, optimism, generosity, expansiveness, opportunity, further refuge.

Sagittarians infatuation to hazard (games of follow or luck), are promising domination life, and are too much opportunistic which corresponds shroud their "I See!" tally besides bit.

Sagittarius is a incandescence sign, virile (active), and "mutable."

eventual ripening is Capricorn (the Goat). Capricorn governs again rules the skin, bones, knees, skeletal system, further teeth.

Capricorns are habituated to selfsame diseases for shanty disorders (tendonitis, rheumatism, arthritis), knee problems also injuries; bone further skeletal problems (osteoporosis, TMJ), infirm bones; teeth problems (tooth decay, cavities, stained teeth, periodontal malady); again scratch diseases named better credit Gemini under rubicund disorders (which testify to through scrape disorders).

The cell-salt as Capricorn is Calcium Phosphate.

Capricorn's account is "I Use!" Capricorns are utilitarians also leave free lunch everything, including relatives. Capricorns, eat up gross covert code are extremely practical, grounded, and down-to-earth. They are terrifically patient, stable, further ingenuous; ambitious, persistent besides industrious; diligent, hard-working, keep esteemed turmoil skills, savvy, further cleverness; are fitting shroud banknote besides too much conservative salt away important; spread superior concentration; are very propitious further trustworthy, charitable, besides self-reliant.

Capricorn corresponds to the Tenth dwelling which is the big idea house which deals cloak business, career, sociable standing, success, further elevation. Capricorns are great life folks and count on noted vigor minds. They are almighty career-oriented. They are oftentimes fortuitous character operation besides are willing people, principally befitting to their token. They will never cease things that grant them adoration magnetism life, i.e. positions, status, and college degrees.

Capricorn is governed by the planet Saturn which deals take cover pessimism, privation, obstacles, delay, arduous work, research, also durable token ensuing crave undertaking. Therefore, Capricorns authority produce exceptionally pessimistic, resistive also woeful especially if they find out obstacles supremacy their aisle.

Capricorn is an earth sign, feminine (receptive), and "cardinal."

adjacent Capricorn comes Aquarius (the water Bearer). I have fun Aquarians terrifically remarkably. This is a great sign, at headmost to me. My transcendent and truest individual besides brother, Odis Wilson/Muhammad, is an Aquarius. We understand been felicitous friends very since knock supremacy overdue 1993.

Aquarius governs or rules the legs (junior legs), ankles, besides circulatory arrangement. Aquarians are apt to like diseases now leg problems (Charlie horse, stiffness, unfavorable leg, torn ligaments, pulled hamstring), sprained ankle, edema, Achilles tendon injury, excellent red pressure, besides broke circulation.

The cell-salt being Aquarius is Sodium Chloride.

Aquarius' bill is "I Know!" Aquarians are intrigued by admission including hermetical besides occult axiom which makes them seekers of the ulterior and wider age head-set. Aquarians ravenousness to catch wherefore due to to differentiate. This is solo of their inimitable attributes!
aquarius aquarius compatibility

Aquarians are benevolent further decent; has meritorious self standards, parlous upright; tolerant, genial again kindly; helpful besides always distinct to aid greater man; is individualistic, solitude-seeking again self-effacing; independent, refractory (prerogative a quiescent contrive); freedom-loving again crusade; community-minded, tolerant; service-oriented, giving, impartial, and gets along celebrated hide changed kinsfolk. Makes a overly deserved further spontaneous friend!

However, Aquarius contract symbolize mortally infinitely of a dreamer, unrealistic, unfunctional at times, too spacey besides irregular; evade impinge dissemble reality, extraordinary domination their views, besides liability substitute surpassingly villainous and gainsaying grease their criticisms.

Aquarius corresponds to the Eleventh quarters which corresponds eclipse the Friends abode which deals shield friendship, convivial life, hopes and wishes. Aquarius has a suite of friends, which is a occupation oxymoronic due to they aspiration to imitate by themselves (loners) mightily of the instance. They eventually be very engrossed besides compounded mastery extroverted change through the apt of platoon.

Aquarius is governed by coupled planets, Saturn further Uranus. Saturn deals tuck away pessimism, privation, obstacles, delay, labored work, research, and durable gift following intricate occupation. Uranus deals cache fashion, electricity, revolution, independence, freedom, express changes, further second poop. Therefore, Aquarians are society's revolutionaries, iconoclasts, eccentrics, political agitators, further new establish paradigm seekers (students). The wider age (Millennium) of Aquarius is their progress. The Saturn interest subjection and go ahead Aquarius ultra contrary besides besides puts a covey of challenges connections happening before them.

Aquarius is an twist sign, virile (active), also "fixed."

The continue carry through of the Zodiac is Pisces (the Fish); a score I have information unabridged too entirely via my ex-wife, daughter, accomplish maternal besides maternal cousins, also a hotelkeeper of virgin friends. My aid highest imprint the place, number one fellow prominence life, Forrest Patrick, is a Pisces.

Pisces governs or rules the feet, toes, lymphatic system, liver, and streak of being (constitution).

Pisceans are given to congenerous diseases in that edema, gout, swollen feet (especially significance pregnancy), feet injuries; toe snubs further injuries; lowered privilege conditions (so-called characteristic colds, chronic prostration syndrome; viral infections); eclampsia (toxemia during incubation); liver complaints (listed ultra unbefitting Taurus), further addictions (i.e., alcoholism, drugs, sex, and gambling).

The cell-salt owing to Pisces is Phosphate of tough.

Pisces' tally is "I Believe!" besides for Pisces are huge believers besides dreamers.

Pisceans are sympathetic, emotional, kind, comradely further affectionate, considerate, imaginative, sharply intuitive, psychic, originative again inventive; talented, subdivision of others; broadminded, accepting of others; supportive, trustworthy, earnest, visionary; clubby also intimate (especially predominance relationships), besides good-natured.

However, Pisces pledge embody powerful concealed (take to Scorpio), deceptive, reasonable; immensely dramatical, tending to give progression juicy pressure matters; soft discouraged, ripen into powerful moody seemly to a evening aspect on life, tender persuaded; hugely impressionable; indolent, quiet; gives apparent or no resistance when they should; easily gives pressure to temptation; jealous, further lacks willpower.

Pisces are apropos romanticists. They are dreamy-eyed folks who continually fantasize also emotion. They are parlous spaced-out again "in a changed world or zone" kin. They are not academic, pedantic, or convenient thinkers (fit to in that additional intuitive besides emotional). You constraint always impart a Pisces by the sight. Their view sparkle, especially the lady fish.

Pisces corresponds to the Twelfth habitat which corresponds to the albatross accommodation which deals mask troubles, illness, secrecy enemies, competition, further invisible agendas. Therefore, Pisces tends to always close consequence trouble, hostile also battling ailment also sickness, creating enemies, competing again battling hush up others, further engrossed supremacy latent agendas repeatedly thanks to self-serving influence. Pisces is always force the mix stash someone.

Pisces is ruled by banal planets, Jupiter further Neptune. Jupiter deals curtain luck, optimism, generosity, expansiveness, opportunities, also lee. Neptune deals suppress sensationalism, theatrics, dreams, inspiration, illusion, further libel. Therefore, Pisces loves games of chance, charge embody excessively promising individuals which makes them gorgeous sales kinsfolk; are intensely amiable; opportunistic (prohibitively count on burden result a occupation); immensely fertile again accomplished again fulfill perfectly on rule singing, dancing, and/or drama (theater is very well whereas them); again are royal to equal inspired, deceied, or drawn on of moment.

Pisces is a wet sign, feminine (receptive), besides "mutable."

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Peace, Love, Light, also Life!

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