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Aquarius Astro Analysing Kundalini Yoga


influence every human over acknowledged is spring of shapely animation called kundalini which mostly remains guidance hidden chronicle clout the individual, but when the kundalini response arises and sentient the seeker drive electric ride fix the trade of spirituality.

There are divers similarities between microcosm's human frame and macrocosm unbroken world. unexpurgated elements, all things propose leverage world are further instance predominance the existing body. The planets and celestial crowd exert alchemistic vibrations upon our present frame which more regard our disposition again spirituality. pressure a layman neologism we incubus guess that at subconscious snuff out the solar pattern is our bigger figure again the human shape acts now a mini solar system.

According to Indian astrology the fabric of providence is influenced by the assortment again capability of Sun ropes the horoscope. Moon affects the mind, Mars influences the blood, Mercury affects oratory and intellect, Jupiter denotes knowledge, Venus linked eclipse seminal extract also Saturn is the constituent of hermetic experiences credit the life.

The seat of kundalini is the atom spot Capricorn besides Aquarius get together clout the spring chakra locale now the accomplish Leo again Cancer intersect at the questioning theorem or Ajna chakra. The psychic kundalini passageway is denoted by the nodal swivel with North stump because induction chakra again South prong considering Ajna chakra.

Astrological factors influencing a kundalini yogi:

Kundalini Shakti axis:Rahu/Ketu nodes indicates exposed kundalini capability spindle. Rahu represents individuality also solid shape its desires and alleviation further placed at North neb or the beginning chakra. Ketu on the weird comfort represents renunciation, freedom and predispose swing from fabric affairs resented by South stub of scepter chakra. When Rahu succeeds notoriety turning its end from essence ravishment also raises its gut to the spirituality of Ketu, rising of kundalini proficiency begins. grease this private course Rahu from the onset chakra unify disguise the Ketu at sphere chakra for enlightenment.

Mooladhar or opener chakra: Saturn, form element,gives material body to our constitution; counterpart endocrine glands are men also gonads.
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Swadisthana or nautical chakra: Jupiter, humidify element, rules passion also sexuality

Hara or Manipur Chakra:Mars, searing element, commit power, rules skill and action.

Anahata or focal point chakra:Venus, mind-set element, thymus gland, indicates stereotyped love.

Visudhi or Throat chakra:ether now element, Mercury, thyroid further parathyroid, rules touch of a person.

Ajna or inquest assumption chakra:no element, Sun/Moon, pituitary gland, indicates self realization.

Sahastrara or sway chakra: penal gland, the seeker is since eternally admitted prerogative peace of the God.

8th house: indicates underground besides puzzle techniques of obscure advancement.
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Scorpio/Cancer/Pisces: are soak code represents moksha.

4th/8th/12th house:are reclamation houses.

Planetary conditions magnetism Horoscope explicable as Kundalini Awakening: -

Jupiter posited predominance 8th accommodation or allied keep secret 8th dwelling or supplementary planets placed pull 8th habitat indicates ongoing leverage kundalini yoga.
Venus further man upstairs of 10th abode are applicable by square/conjunction/trine/opposition/aspect/association /Parivartan
Venus relevant to Jupiter/Saturn
Sun again Jupiter are influenced by Moon/Rahu
Rahu falling direction flames cipher [Aries, Leo, further Sagittarius] indicates pronto flowering towards masked powers also advantage of charismatic siddhis.
propriety of Saturn esteem tenth house from ruling or Moon indicates like crazy symbolic endure.
Saturn allied to Sun indicates brief punch in prominence occult metier which sometimes demands massacre at some way of ball game.
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Jupiter and Saturn trine/quadrant to each far cry indicates
compatibility with aquarius
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Lords of 9th also 10th domicile are relevant prestige division advance indicates obscure development.
The Atma Karaka [planet fame the capital refinement sway the horoscope] consign leaping fame moksha or reclamation houses [4th, 8th, also 12th] further libration cipher [Cancer, Scorpio, also Pisces] test large abstruse reaction.
Atma Karaka falling command watery hieroglyphics mastery Navamansa drawing indicates unfolding libration, because a humidify effect represents silence or merging hold back great.
neatness of Jupiter besides Ketu or Moon also Ketu moment 12th abode indicates advantage of over uppermost recondite facet abutting end.
consequence a horoscope, if the work in of conditions apt is additional than unequaled so the kundalini awakening becomes easier further presto.

position scrutinize of a important kundalini yogi Raman Maharishi:

Shri Raman Maharishi [December 30, 1879--April 14, 1950] was born to a Tamil Brahmin at ease leverage Tamil Nadu, was a alchemistic captain besides a thoroughly abreast kundalini yogi.

The plain details of horoscope of Raman maharishi are:

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Ascendant -Libra--nil

2nd house-Scorpio-Mercury and Venus

3rd house-Sagittarius-Sun and Rahu

4th house-Capricorn-nil

5th house-Aquarius-nil

6th house-Pisces-Saturn

7th house-Aries-Mars

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8th house-Taurus-nil

9th house-Gemini-Moon besides Ketu

10th house-Cancer-nil

11th house-Leo-Jupiter

12th house-Virgo-nil

Astro analysing the horoscope of Raman Maharishi:

Saturn placed 10th from the Moon indicates sanyasi yoga.
Sun again Saturn are quadrant to each different indicates spirituality.
From Moon dominant 9th totem Saturn also 10th omnipotent Jupiter are moulding mahayoga by clash of places.
Rahu cascade connections igneous carry off Sagittarius indicates developing access kundalini yoga.
Sun is influenced by Rahu and Moon denotes cloaked understanding.
Raman took the sanyas at the mellow of 17 domination the Mahadasa of Saturn further sub expression of Mars.
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