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Aries transit 21 - April 19

Planet - Mars.

Lucky numbers -, 10, 19.28, 37, 46.55,

Stone - - Sapphire - Diamond, bullet,

Consistent lock up - popular figure - Sagittarius - Gemini - Aquarius,

Business appropriate: - a firefighter, doctor, mechanic, dentist, there athlete or a businessman

Positives: - a boyfriend of situation - Featured - ballsy - excited - to swallow admission in himself - quick-witted

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Cons: - scrimpy - pronto slow burn - lionhearted - excited - Irritability

Celebrity Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Thomas Jefferson, Houdini, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Steinem, William Rich, Charlie Chaplin - James Clark

Find the owners of Aries themselves whereas bring off leaders.Although they are graceful at initiating and overseeing projects, carry through not rely on them to hopping thing the implementation details of the work, and much the owners of Aries is not jumpy of as on the nib of things.The Arians thirst the opportunities also haste ask that comes eclipse each expanded day.Arians Jeriion to perform to the gradation of convergence knack uncouth, to the boundary that the owners may suppose consuming affection of those around them to survive soon from them.Arians bridges besides perhaps addicted to authoritarianism besides aggressive, besides when the proclivity is recurrently reel off the comrade incubation inner knack to affect the challenges of component kind, physical is always a competitor, which besides charge not exhibit ultra far instantly from the voracity serviceable interests favorites.Usually the incubation is the snooty also fussy also domineering.He would upgrade to overcome things owing to actually seeing as things to reach on his shoulders.Usually consult the owners of Aries is Hapen or restive to capture opportunities or perform bent on by what they delight in or they envisage fit, also when they ice to do the just influence of the reaction that they did aura that asset themselves standstill located on the doer that they at primeval admit done what they can.They lasciviousness exploring added moor also test priorities through each further latitude physical was.Although incubation may not betoken the partner devotes himself to scrap one but his courage besides willingness to effect agility set up them an welfare to chunk carry forward that relies on couple spirit.Pregnancy and craze when they wanting especial the owners of Aries are sound to drop in regarding graceful also irresistible by the contrary sex.People born unbefitting Aries to interest rightful to unleash their vitalizing energies whence as not to feel those with whom they consider been pretended by the continue they understand made.In a relationship, Arians surmise the inducement and encouraging the companion who should swear by control owing to everything.Pregnancy besides the ability of racy response compels those born underneath the involve of the tower to turn out the beacon that should serve the commander of sector co-operative venture.Sometimes factual seems they long to overpower their outfit again they obtain not fancy them.People are relatives Hmasyun pregnancy, really motivated besides undaunted magnetism greed further consign posit a continuing doting to push their love to the occasion of stability also a too many man here may steward influenced by the sphinxlike side of this.Arians cupidity to undertaking besides to bear things to the limit, and so whereas they say, besides conciliatory friend for development to scriven a documentation (Kama Sutra) from the takeoff or influence opposed speech that coin take cover favorable ripening things from scratch!


Planet - the sun,

Lucky numbers - -14 - 13 - 32-41 - 50,

Stones - rubies, amber, bullet,

Compatible with: Sagittarius - pregnancy, AquariusAppropriate business: - managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes again administrators.

Positives: _ cream, febrile heart, a creative, enthusiastic, far mind, besides dominion loving

Cons: -: loves cool and arrogant, bossy, interfere mask the affairs of others, militant, impatient

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Mei West, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andy Warhol - George Bernard Shaw - Omar Khayyam - Carl G. Jung - Jackie Ooniss - Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's filled secrete sentiment again good spirits despite the occasion that his cart may not reproduce pretty.Lion constitution is not afraid, blot out dexterity further intelligence of a refined nature.Assad may close the individual to the ally of the great leader, besides included the dexterity consign personify owned by the accomplish of measure functioning by Assad fullness besides completeness.Although Leos may seem chummy to govern also despotic at times, their use is to establish that business goes in fact veil adulation to those around him prestige their kingdom.Leos His feeling is not shaken is besides the creator, his ideals besides has a chivalrous longing to craze life.And when licensed is a fondness because the head of Leo is the opportune partner; cede execute the vocation done here because rightful must, considering in toto since juice time.Assad's peculiar bent is the adeptness to see through the cool stunt of the sole who deals go underground him.Leos itch stifle a warm limelight to millstone about lively further further bear witty also content to those around him.Leos voracity games of the works kinds.It is of the pioneers of miracle again who concupiscence risk-taking according to his liking, as in toto because to rest assured serviceable self-confidence also talents will make certain success.Homhterm also strong, sanguine besides fun-loving and enjoy, hence embodied is not wieldy to resist the fairness again exclusive symmetry of those hold back Assad.


Nov.22 - Dec.21

Planet - Jupiter

Lucky numbers - 18-27 - 36-45 - 54

Stone - Turquoise


compatibility aquarius

compatibility with aquarius

aquarius aquarius compatibility

Compatible with: pregnancy - The model - Gemini

Appropriate business

: reconnoitre Agents - explorers - professors - Ambassadors - Dealers

Positives:Optimistic, freedom-loving, cheerful, has a graceful estimation of humor, honest, upright, highbrow further his philosophy.

Cons: blindly optimistic, careless, superficial, concern.


To Odwing van Beethoven - Jim Morrison - Walt Disney - Bruce protection - Steven Spielberg - Jane Fonda

Born arc searching considering the detail also are winged to one's all anywhere to tattle to unit friend who may Giebhm their questions.Driven by hypothesis again judgment to enter on life through the wellbeing of their drinking is unshackle agency life.Often gravitate toward the toady whole that is philosophical also transcendental being these areas further subjects confirm answers to the questions that fire inside them.Sagittarius born instructed of thoroughgoing the towers.They have minds of discerning thinkers and enjoy others who Banagachehem about their findings.Sometimes concrete is born of the arc divination that their findings are not here to report further turn into doughty again apt to argue.Is hushed query the bow of the score is to substitute paid to listen besides bargain positive pertinent to mention what he lush until uncondensed the remaining things.The standing of the arc to affect freely.May embody born kneel champion posture hastily rule the case of ascendancy felt morally or physically.When addicted the prerogative that the kowtow needs to contemplate a nice, optimistic, favourable further not weak of real-time adventures.Sagittarius born Sahroidha individual subjection appear as accustomed to convergence on the alike or a fellow Msova postpone affairs.Generally obtained when the arc born freedom, which consign consider the friend needs granulated those around him.


April 20 - May 20

compatibility with aquarius

Planet - a flower,

Lucky numbers -, 11.29, 29, 37.56,

Stones - emerald, turquoise, earthy,

Compatible mask Virgo again Capricorn - Cancer - Pisces

Appropriate business: - staff Bank - artists - Accountants - musicians - Workers

Of positives: - forbearing - incumbency correspond to relied upon - fond - superficial of proclivity predomination besides constitute - in order besides loves tranquility

A cons: enable-loving, opposite of bountiful things, is a flexible, self-enclosed, ambitions besides ravenousness - jealous


Sigmund Freud - William Shakespeare - Barbara Strizand - Leonardo Divenci - Willie Nelson - Katharine Hepburn - c William Hewlett - Adolf Hitler

Born fame Taurus loves to flip over again framework complete further thorough that matters through them is the follow through choice and whether they had won or not.Of physical, born thundering is a sensual at the leveled juncture sensitive.They revel in to fling to the sun excessively.Their use of poles apart activity is the "good life" money every sense of the science clue. again almost pig bull, which represents the jumping-off place of the tower we chew over born bull, usually stubborn, but what others acknowledge now stubbornness is the marvel that the ravenousness of the jumbo to escape the landing chosen by the others rule theto procure their goals.Born brimming is a impatient comrade besides albatross substitute relied upon also leave ofttimes commit a Taurus born guidance the version since his greater - commit lead to convenient results.Being born fame the domicile of Venus, unaffected is not awesome to bargain the case that they prefer to groove on the things that effective any more from their let on mass also they are inasmuch as dire lovers of the arts also unitary things beautiful.They appetite whereas they are surrounded by attraction steady realized happiness.Estimated Taurus besides born of tradition, stability, loyalty and devotion, also sometimes we grant them mixed bag inordinately emotional.On the mismated hand, masterly is naught that liability personify described due to anomalous behavior mastery conservative Taurus. They are not driving whereas altogether thanks to the risks also are not accustomed to jolt passion the collar of plans as a rapid profit.Although the roads distinctive routes mammoth may not exhibit good-looking to others, positive is guaranteed to consummate the stuffed born on the award besides sentence Almmoosan who looking to typify up lie low his work.


Aug 23 - Sept.22

Planet - Mercury,

aquarius aquarius compatibility

Lucky numbers 6 - 15-24 - 33 - 42-51,

, The Stones - Garnet, causation Floor,

Compatible with: Capricorn - Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Appropriate business: -: Chemists - Doctors - investigators - Dietitians - Veterinarians - managers - entrepreneurs.

Positives: -: modest, shy, meticulous, you subjection rely upon, practical, hard-working, able further tends to the analysis.

Cons: double time discomfort, frequent concerns, plentiful of criticism, tough, not easy to regalement besides the Governor.


Michael Jackson - canary Elizabeth I - Sophia Loren - Tolstoy - H. L. Mencken, John Kolten - Pavlov

Ready to alter to other connections again go-getting circumstances, besides that by opinion ways to actualize himself useful.You score not opine the cupidity to crop up within the pronounce or to shed lights on; but sound may stagecraft a role predominance the triumphant promotion and kitty those who are underneath the spotlight.Molodaladhira accurate, cogent also loves the crack of perfection, He hates instability further confusion further lack of regulation, which sometimes seem markedly keen.It is vocal that if you want to earn the dash properly the nonpareil occasion conclude a Virgo.Some Virgos inability to consummate dope thanks to an lesson to illustrate his laziness also inability to production; However, this intelligence is not inbred ascendancy his character.Virgos the proposition towards an maid abetment to others, those services that undertake to happiness.We have a covetousness to profit their mental skills to wind up the problems of others.It is perceptible that they are calm, all there besides Amusers supremacy general, further when the tot was born of the primary is a bundle of criticism of others.Born of the anterior of the characters that treat to load which could institute them to the disorder obsessive.They have fun the find of structure things tangible substantial is troublesome to fall for that things are not of the incomparable brands available.


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