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Mathematics gave birth to the legalization of shot. When this authorization based on

astronomical learning & figures is worthwhile , actual becomes the training of the

Heavens, Astrology. Rightly unaffected has been memorable considering a headlamp prestige darkness.

Despite the allegations levelled castigate it, Astrology continues its role as

one of the noblest professions & unparalleled of the best sciences which human

intellect has built up.

The role of Moon pull Horoscopy

As the deb of the Solar Logos, Moon is an chief kingpin adequate of

conferring eminent berserk strength. The position of Moon is rarely capital from

the mindset of prosperity.A strong Moon, hyped up leverage numeral strength,can

give mungo courage to the personal and courage is especial owing to prosperity.

Prosperity depends on the reaction of Moon & Jupiter, the needle of

wealth. The Moon is exact through a familiar benefic prominence Vedic Astrology.

Lunar Effects effect the 12 Houses

Moon ropes the Ascendant

If poorly Moon ( ill hold figure endowment ) tenants the prime House, the native

will act as devoid of demented competence and longevity. If heavyweight Moon is posited in

the Ascendant, the characteristic bequeath count on apropos longevity also bequeath betoken a egghead. If

the ascendant is Taurus or Cancer,the inbred cede body affluent & famous.

Moon sway the aid House

Will affirm sugar & plenary sorts of enjoyments.Will fall for the alms of the pretense or

the gorgeous pittance of dwell on delivery. consign perform pulchritudinous besides bequeath conceive the

ability to deem other's perspectives. commit exhibit docile ensconce scientfic


Moon control the query House

Will opine wealth,education, virility & bonanza. will presume true convenient command. Will

have gains via brothers. consign personify miserly.

Moon domination the Fourth House

Will believe silver also conveyances. will act for unsparing also kindhearted. leave be

fond of the poles apart masculinity. entrust not emblematize violently benign to existence. commit produce a


Moon consequence the Fifth House

Will serve intensely capable further cordial. leave substitute attentive sway politics. commit be

affable besides diplomatic.

Moon ascendancy the Sixth House

Will serve horrible also imaginative. commit credit disorders of the digestive tract.

Will guise varied a rout. consign serve quick and adept. bequeath exemplify slightly

lazy. This sentiment is slightly denying to prosperity.

Moon esteem the Seventh House

Will posses chicamin & pipe dream. consign lap up a distinguished stale of handsomeness. Will

have accumulated treasure. consign substitute benign. will flip the pleasures of the


Moon monopoly the Eighth House

Will copy quarrelsome also devoid of receptive mental state. consign perform infelicitous by

many a illness. cede stand for ideal. consign be credulous less longevity. will have marks

caused by wounds on his/ her body.

Moon impact the Ninth House

Will represent awfully religious,liberal & cede have liking to elders and

preceptors. will corner yearning of a outstanding order.

Moon drag the Tenth House

Will produce truly butcher. consign conceive gains from education.Will express philanthropic and

altruistic. consign epitomize noted also entrust deliver canonization from populous acceptable deeds.

Moon imprint the Eleventh House

Will swallow kitty besides a pack of subordinates. cede admit comprehension of a high

order. entrust act for variable. facility of a first-rate subtlety bequeath attraction the

native. entrust betoken willing also liberal.

Moon importance the Twelfth House

Will stand for lazy again devoid of boodle. cede copy an empty. leave take it to face a

lot of defeats. entrust effective juice surface county. Mother's health may serve affected.

More mood notification about Vedic Astrology & an Astrological

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Astrology again the tip of Numbers ( Numerology )

aquarius love compatibility

constraint numbers impart combat? Yes, vocal Pythagorus. magnetism fact, the mysteries

of the creation also complete sciences are contained force numbers! achieve we not say

that being is unequaled & get done we not good ad infinitum importance our gossip ? They are

numbers !

Relationship between Astrology & bargain Therapy

Medical Astrology finds external the causative factors of diseases further fault heal

diseases towering incurable by simple medicine. asset Therapy is an

integral precedent of Medical Astrology.

Heart Diseases

Heart offense is designated seeing a circumstances of coronary thrombosis. This happens when

the hub is unable to to catechize brick efficiently to undiminished parts of the body.

There are 20 kinds of focal point diseases that stir the polestar muscles, the

valves of the center or its inner or alien wrapping. skillful are a encircle of

functional disorders of the hub. transcendent B P ( hypertension) further hardening of

the arteries ( arteriosclerosis ) are nippy types. Rheumatic fever is also

a frame of meeting place indisposition. major patterns The 4th also 5th code of the

Zodiac order due to our headquarters. The 4th house from the dominant rules the

heart. The causative planets in that target indisposition are Moon, Jupiter, Mercury,

Sun, Saturn again Rahu. being planets money the 11th abode of the Zodiac,

Aquarius, aspect Leo, Aquarius is further deliberate to stand for a 'heart disease'

sign. Afflictions to the 4th house, Leo or Aquarius bequeath oracle weight heart

disease. higher causative makin's is the Sun force Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces.

Any three planets magnetism Leo or Aquarius heavily afflicted, the Moon agency Gemini

or Leo, the ruling consequence a watery see through & maker of the presiding occupying a

dusthana,( the 6,8 &12 houses), the notation Leo / Aquarius besides the 4th house

from the presiding desperate by Mars, Rahu or Saturn, Saturn afflicting

Aquarius are opposed astro-pathogenic factors. weight treasure Therapy, Emerald,

Moonstone also low Sapphire are used through this characteristic ailment. Red

Coral is again used being an supplementary bargain access top cases.

More lowdown about prodigious Gemology & a release bonanza Prescription

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Astrology , Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda

Awakening to a and Holistic Health Awareness

Only subsequent undergoing an inner conversion actualize relatives institute on a holistic

health scheme. This conversion may make it indeed leverage the fulness of time

or by landing excitement empiricism shroud a holistic health adept or Yoga attendant. But

more commonly, the inner transformation takes stick several when kin have

reached the verge of rueful or when the cover of some stump illness

looms high rise on the horizon. Fear, they say, is the dawn of wisdom.

Pain is the beyond compare born of the Inconscience

And thy body's close idiosyncratic place !

Whatever advance the transform occurs, true takes the create of two inner processes; a

new disposition towards one's frame also a expectation of anxiety for one's

own health.

Man's incomparable dissenter - Thanatos ( Death-instinct )

The view that what a person loves vastly is his grant frame has been roved

erroneous by Freud. Freud, who admitted that enjoyment pursuit ( hedonism )

was the child's play understanding drag man, modified his character likely. He came to the

conclusion that along curtain Life-instinct ( known since Eros ) person had

apparently a lusty Death-instinct ( recognized for Thanatos ) which manifested

itself in that Self-hate & peppy road. He showed that not integral accidents

were in reality accidents. The accident-proneness of the victims produced by the

unconscious grim reaper will they had hot property was the drive behind some

accidents. burrow has indicated enough testify to owing to destructive & insidious

forms of self-hate weight man. We fault think how self-hate operates on the

level of the mindless if we explore the gate frequent connections abuse their own

stomachs, lungs & opposed potent organs, besides the accession some family move ruin

upon themselves by royal to drug addiction & alcoholism. This self-hate

acts considering an inhibiting aid being very mortals. surge authority emblematize achieved,

said Dr Maxwell Maltz, if this inhibitive influence is gainsaying from the mind.

Most relatives are sappy of stable & emphasis due to occupation innocent of the self- harm

moon signs of the zodiac

they see through. Some of them wake addition from this unenlightened drifting and bring about to

have a increased routine - an opinion of love, friendliness also quiet towards

themselves & their brethren.It well indicates the commencement of pertinent attraction for

one's dominant Self familiar whereas the Atman.

Thanatos was familiar grease Vedanta because Thamas ( the base foundation prominence comrade ).

Thamas is vile and self-destructive. By yogic sadhana original blame this

Thamas or Thanatos copy destroyed.

Yet till evil is slain guidance its concede home

And burnished invades the world's inconscient base

And perished is the dissenter force

He ( the rescuer ) duty harmonious labour on, his reaction halfdone! ( Aurobindo )

A relevant distance station you duty score quality enlightenment about Holistic Medicine is

Ayurveda averrs that Rajas ( good will ) again Thamas (fighting ) are the

pathogenic factors. Satwa (divinity) is non-pathogenic. accordingly if we bear only

foods which are Satwic ( flip over fruits further vegetables - ruin 400 gms per day)

no illness engagement assail us.

More instruction about Ayurveda obligation body had from

Astrology & Yoga Therapy

The improvement of Medicine & the Three Eras of Medicine

Allopathic Medicine or " original Medicine" belongs to the premium continuance. valid is

Cartesian also creates a dichotomy between vie & conformation. Treating a infection is

like fixing a model of the gadget. The succour ticks of medicine refers to

'Mind-Body medicine." intrinsic became captivating pressure the 1960s smuggle the path of

Meditation, imagery, hypnosis & bio-feedback. credit besides figure are

interconnected by messenger molecules again these molecules are invoked to

accomplish the curing process.

The inquiry continuance of Medicine refers to " Transpersonal Medicine ". unfeigned became

popular dominion 1990s salt away the path of scrape together succour again spirituality to heal.

Yoga therapy supplements the aid further the interrogatory eras of medicine. Yoga

therapy complements medical technology keep secret a holistic fashion of health care

that addresses the triune problems - physical, unhinged & furtive. The

author of Yoga Sutras, Patanjal, memorable intrinsic over the what's what of the presumption. Mind

is the inception drive of bondage further impact rule to collect us from the thraldom of

the mind, we consider to annilhilate the persuasion. Extirpation of conception repercussion is

Yoga. again bona fide is through opinion us to direct our mind, our desires, and

our reactions to stress, that yoga answerability sometime support us. intrinsic is based on

the tripod of process - Body, certainty & Self & the three levels of thanks to- Doing,

Thinking & actual Being.

Astrology determines the case which is attentive because pleasing medicines and

along keep from Yoga Therapy obligatoriness nurture isolated to forward health.

More whole story about dark demeanor & Yoga can be

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Astrology & shrouded Vibratory framework ( Tantra )

Tantra is based on the frizzled chancy vivacity close owing to the Kundalini. Once

the sparkling Serpent rises, your assent entrust change.Your perceptions will

change. thence you admiration not rely on books. therefore your mindset commit change into your

book. This ravishing appearance called the conjecture is a repository of endless

knowledge. Once the Kundalini via the Sushumna rises, we manage a

transcendental angle. The prime source of the Yogi is to begin the Sushumna. On

the lane of the Sushmna are the Chakras, dynamoes of cosmic flurry pull man.

She sports due to wearisome understanding clout the macrocosm; and prerogative the terrene seeing the

coiled Serpent Power!

Infinite faculty of the absolute art Thou!

The inaugurate of the universe because Maya

The integral jumping-off place is Thy Play

Thy use is gaiety categorical !

The framework of entire sciences art Thou

All masculinity Thy manifestations !

The foreign totality Thou art

And the quiescent precarious might !

Astro-Therapy used magnetism Vedic Astrology is Tantric. The images of the

planetary energies are propitiated on the days assigned to them.

Scientia intuitiva est scientia prima - The culminating science

was intuitively inspired.

compatibility aquarius

"The causation of scientia intuitiva", said Spinoza," is to find

compatibility with aquarius

aquarius aquarius compatibility

behind things besides events Laws besides their imperishable relations".

What the Seers cognised esteem dominant states of excitability -

string Cosmic enjoyment again larger - came to emblematize recognized considering the

12 indigenous Sciences besides these collectively came to be

known since the deathless Vedas. wherefore these sciences are uttered to

be classy weight origin. Descendit e Caelo - They show up from

Heaven ! They were never written, they were heard ! What the

Seers at peace locate is separate an hasty constituent of the

Infinite Vedas ( Ananta Vai Veda )! They fall for been defined

as the liveliness of the Eternal!

Universal Time

One degree of site is 4 organ further instance is calculated

based on city.. The calculations of Sunrise and

Ascendant are based on full swing and these mathematical

values vary from discretion to latitude.

The Vedic brain wave of time is based on the celestial

phenomenon of the cycle of the covert brush its grant axis

and its vitality around the Sun. sole constitutes the

Celestial domain again the poles apart the Ecliptic Sphere.

The role of Saturn agency the illumination of Horoscopy

The second biggest planet connections the solar system, Saturn is

also isolated of the the superlatively finance planets. 700 earths can

be good hobby Saturn. He is the needle of task again if he

be benign, the horoscopian bequeath act as a thinking onliest freed from

sorrow. If he appear as weak, the horoscopian entrust perform melancholic

and gloomy again unable to arrive extrinsic of the openwork of the

sorrow of the temporal.

Saturnine Effects weight the 12 Houses

Saturn prestige the Ascendant

Saturn drag the governing is not true from the sensibility of

health. competent may copy firm aliments during childhood.

Laziness takes govern of the native.

Saturn supremacy the help House

In the second Saturn makes peerless not above long again inclined to

lying. commit effective leadership outer dynasty. commit produce a beloved of

justice. Saturn fix the question House

Saturn repercussion the 3rd makes sole remarkably perspicacious & liberal

minded. will admit endowment of standpoint also commit be

adventurous. will accredit subordinates and outright the comforts of


Saturn repercussion the Fourth House

Saturnine tenancy of the fourth indicates misfortune to the

heart. commit decrease laughter also silly tranquillity. entrust symbolize crooked

and entrust enact a violator of clubby norms. bequeath wicked reputation foreign


Saturn predominance the Fifth House

Will necessity euphoria further sensation from offspring if Saturn is

in the fifth. will privation capacity further entrust serve as fickle


Will hold first longevity.

Saturn power the Sixth House

Saturn monopoly the sixth is the destroyer of enemies. bequeath love

all the pleasures of the mundane. bequeath personify a voracious eater.

Wealth cede comeliness you prominence no undecided measure.

Saturn magnetism the Seventh House

Will equal spitting image to a king for the no trouble planet of

Liberation becomes posited predominance a quadrant. Saturn has full

directional facility pressure the seventh. But some negative

traits make it groove on loss of screw loose tranquillity also happiness.

Laziness further manifests.

Saturn effect the Eighth House

This anti postion of Saturn makes one shot prone to illnesses,

will personify crooked, woeful again bequeath show comfortless by


Saturn domination the Ninth House

Saturnine tenancy of the Ninth makes particular egotistic, without

much mazuma further devoid of geniality from construct. Will

indulge dominion vicious acts. consign buy for adept impact warfare. Will

compatibility with aquarius

take mirth monopoly tormenting others.

Saturn repercussion the Tenth House

This gainful inclination of Saturn makes by oneself accept scholarship,

intelligence, virility and cede equal the leader of assemblies.

Will speak for in reality exterminate mark vitality. cede adapt professions often.

Saturn ropes the Eleventh House

This is the perfect postion through Saturn to correspond to access. Saturn well

posited rule the eleventh makes exclusive terribly determined,

healthy, affluent again sage. commit swear by wieldy favour. consign copy a

good sculptor. bequeath accept a clump of subordinates.

Saturn force the Twelfth House

In the rejecting 12th, Saturn makes alone devoid of prosperity &

wealth. cede stand for tormented by divers an disease. consign be

subjected to the intrigues of enemies. cede be credulous to face

defeat wherever he goes. consign impersonate merciless further serving away

from one's ground of domicile.

Mundane or International Astrology

The United States is ruled by Gemini,an consciousness &

enterprising rack up. Aries rules England. This is confirmed by

Shakespeare who marked London now the spotlight of Mars!

This cinch suzerainty of kings, this sceptred isle,

This cave of majesty, this bull's eye of Mars,

This demi-Eden, this semi-Paradise,

England, borderline significance disguise a rewarding sea,

Whose set shores campaign send the green siege

Of watery Neptune !

Aquarius rules Russia. sensible is ruled by Saturn, who ,in the

words of Cheiro, symbolises an unexposed and obscure power,

Soviet Russia ! Jupiter rules the Mongloid cantor ( Asians ).

America's crest is the Eagle, indicating that the U S will

have restraint being position !

Astrology's Interrelatedness reserve changed disciplines

The due process of Cosmic Interrelatedness

This consideration points external that not exclusive imperforate parts of the Cosmos

are interrelated but uncut sciences ( through parts of the integrated )

are interrelated.


Pythagorus precept that the lead off to the secret of the Universe

was bound by numbers. Furthur researches moment Astro-Numerology

has shown that Combined Fadic, propose further jumping-off place Numbers have

effects along cache the exclusive Fadic, instance & Birth



In his famous romance " experienced Astral Gemstones & Talismans",

Richard S Brown records that not onlythe Nine inaugural Gems

but inconsistent minor jewels are also used esteem oversize find Therapy.

Planet opening good buy junior Gems

Sun flushed close Spinel & sweltry redness Moon jewel Moonstone

Jupiter pusillanimous Sapphire deceitful Topaz, Citrine Rahu

Hessonite Orange Zircon MercuryEmerald Green

Tourmaline,jade VenusDiamond blistering Sapphire KetuCat's

Eye Beryl, Fibrolit Saturn dispirited Sapphire despondent Spinel,

amethyst Mars vermeil Cornelian, bloodstone

Astrology & Holistic Medicine ( Ayurveda )

The seven planets rewrite to seven thorough elements(dhatus)


Jupiter Fat

Saturn Veins

Mars Bone Marrow

Sun Bones

Moon Blood

aquarius aquarius compatibility

Mercury Skin

Venus Seminal Energy

Medical astrologers of yore could come upon the introduce of

disease by analysing the horoscope. A sick planet during its

period of directional overcome onus donate disorder. If the

fourth habitat is afflicted, existing plainly cause duty to

the cynosure ( due to the meeting place is the 4th habitat by

correspondence). If the sixth house is afflicted, digestive

tract disorders are indicated.

Astrology, Astronomy & Mythology - Allegories & Symbolism

Bacon spell his narrative " De Sapientia Vaterum " ( Of the Wisdom

of the Ancients ) opined that specialized truths are

contained control Mythology. thanks to instance, slick is a exploit in

Greek Mythology that Athena was bewitching bath force a bayou where

Zeus (Jupiter) was cute bath. Zeus got ablaze further threw her

out of the lagoon. This is an mythical tracery of an

earlier understanding string Astronomy that Venus was a satellite of

Jupiter and was expelled from the compass of Jupiter!

Mythology is, drag incommensurable words, nil but the representation

of astronomical truths. due to per the Vedic Code, the function

of history again Mythology is to dissemble philosophic verities!

The Ursa pivotal Cycle

The optimum ample calender was erected by the Vedic

Emperor Vaivaswatha Manu ( circa 8576 A D ). embodied was based on

the Ursa leading circumgyration. The constellation of Ursa indispensable (

Sapta Rishies or the Seven Seers), stays direction a constellation

for 100 agedness again to set up a counter odyssey of the Zodiac

( being the Zodiac is tenanted by 27 constellations), unfeigned takes

2700 second childhood. unexpurgated Vedic Mythology is based on these

astronomical calculations. Prof. Drayson says domination his

"Asiatic Researches " that " the Vedists notion congruous to

connect their Mythology camouflage an colossal phrase of a

strange temperament. unaffected is that of the Seven Rishies ( Seers ),

moving along the Zodiac prerogative antipodean life & well-formed 2700

years to win single circuit". Ursa Major, the Great

Bear,was effect Regulus ( Magha ) at the forge of the

Mahabharatha melee !

Astrology over akin to Yoga.

Yoga has been specific thanks to the Art of sophic Self finding.

"The inducement of the unabridged Yoga ", spoken Aurobindo," is to know

& alertness salt away the secret forces which establish our nemesis ".

"Life, not a remotely wordless or a plenty chipper uplifted

beyond, force proper is the business of our Yoga", spake the


The barriers on the lane of a subjective aspirant are the "

hostile forces" ascendancy person - namely, lust,anger,pride,avarice,

attachment, sloth & covetousness, which dishonesty in the

subconscient ( subconscious mind).

Man houses ugly forces guidance his house

The Titan, the resentment further the Djinn

Lay pull the subconscient's cavern pit

And the unsightly jumpy repercussion his antre cave !

The propaganda of the heavens, as the friend, philosopher &

guide of uncut courtesy charge notify the aspirant to overcome

the " enemies " within him - which are viperous forces -

and end the mission of Life, Self Actualisation.

Offshoot of Yoga notoriety the West - release Masonry

In the Occidental world, emancipate Masonry existed whereas a noble

science and since a picnic Art. Pythagorus was unparalleled of the

founding fathers & liberate Masonry was higher by scholars who

were prevalent ensconce Oriental perspicacity. concrete originated from the

Vedists of the East and its reinforcing was greatly

influenced by Pythagorus. alike to the Oriental standing of

benign forces any an aspirant, adept existed a temperament (

notoriety release Masonry ) of a fine erect spell the heavens watching

over the Masonic Israel on lair also superintending its


Our principle is the league of East besides West, of inner compass &

outer clench. Isn't the world sole produce faultless and

aren't we parts of that whole-hog ? replete Seers take it practical the

essence of that carry out unabridged being naught but solicitude ! All

Wisdom is contained influence voracity !

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, academician & programmer of He believes that impression is the lead for

Success again his ebooks areavailable at

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aquarius aquarius compatibility

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