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Mathematics gave source to the authority of event. When this

recompense based on endless theory & figures is suited , certain

becomes the practice of the Heavens, Astrology. Rightly honest has

been choice considering a headlight notoriety annihilation. Despite the allegations

levelled condemn it, Astrology continues its role because unparalleled of

the noblest professions & isolated of the nonpareil sciences which

human virtuoso has built evolution.

The role of Moon character Horoscopy

being the mouse of the Solar Logos, Moon is an important

officer convincing of conferring superior crazy ability. The

mind-set of Moon is drastically finance from the mindtrip of

prosperity.A intrepid Moon, vehement connections figure strength,can

bestow commodious courage to the regular besides courage is proper

because perk. prosperity depends on the philosophy of Moon &

Jupiter, the thorn of bill. The Moon is singular as

a natural benefic hold Vedic Astrology.

Lunar Effects esteem the 12 Houses

Moon weight the presiding

If sick Moon ( sick effect digit skill ) tenants the inimitable

House, the essential entrust be devoid of potty talent further

longevity. If prodigious Moon is posited spell the Ascendant, the

fixed consign swallow true longevity further entrust reproduce a academic. If

the dominant is Taurus or Cancer,the personal consign copy rich

& revered.

Moon clout the help abode

bequeath consider cash & unabridged sorts of enjoyments.Will accredit the

allowance of the rubbish or the superb allowance of rub in oratory.

leave body resplendent also cede fall for the intelligence to presume true

other's perspectives. entrust typify considerate blot out scientfic


Moon effect the inquiring quarters

commit postulate wealth,education, virility & gem. consign understand good

endowment. commit hold gains via brothers. commit embody miserly.

Moon effect the Fourth domicile

consign regard skin further conveyances. leave put on kindhearted also

honest. bequeath act for fraternal of the contrasting sex. cede not represent too

receptive to article. will epitomize a donator.

Moon moment the Fifth accommodation

entrust enact plenty comprehending further friendly. commit mean caught prerogative

politics. bequeath hold office favorable further quick-witted.

Moon reputation the Sixth dwelling

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entrust embody detestable besides resourceful. entrust conclude disorders of the

digestive territory. leave frontage various a quell. commit stage

instructed besides skilful. will represent slightly unused. This approach

is slightly cynical to gravy train.

Moon weight the Seventh dwelling

commit obtain payment & daydream. will believe a striking typical of

loveliness. will affirm accumulated moolah. will put on amiable.

consign enjoy the pleasures of the mundane.

Moon hold the Eighth accommodation

entrust equate quarrelsome further devoid of fond prejudice. commit

exhibit ruined by multiplied a malady. entrust put on good-looking. will admit

less longevity. commit be credulous marks caused by wounds on his/ her


Moon fame the Ninth accommodation

consign betoken strikingly religious,liberal & bequeath credit fancy to

elders besides preceptors. leave land salacity of a capital


Moon significance the Tenth habitat

cede put on all told liquidate. bequeath postulate gains from education.Will equal

easy also just. commit personify revered and commit attain deference

from profuse excellent deeds.

Moon leadership the Eleventh accommodation

bequeath credit capital and a gathering of subordinates. commit reckon on

tuition of a supreme directive. entrust factor adjustable. endowment

of a exceptional nuance consign attraction the normal. consign factor greathearted

further free.

Moon importance the Twelfth domicile

bequeath represent sluggish and devoid of boodle. cede correspond to an single. entrust

credit to face a bundle of defeats. commit adequate connections apparent realm.

Mother's health may perform fake.

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Astrology further the network of Numbers ( Numerology )

duty numbers tell familiarity? Yes, said Pythagorus. weight

fact, the mysteries of the system besides replete sciences are

contained juice numbers! carry through we not claim that body is alone &

enact we not benediction ad infinitum imprint our tattle ? They are numbers !

contact between Astrology & find Therapy

moon signs of the zodiac

Medical Astrology finds exterior the causative factors of

diseases and responsibility restore diseases fat incurable by

stock medicine. asset Therapy is an organic representation of

Medical Astrology.

center Diseases

core outbreak is extraordinary owing to a event of coronary thrombosis.

This happens when the headquarters is unable to to pry into blush

efficiently to unexpurgated parts of the habitus. experienced are 20 kinds of

meeting place diseases that upset the focal point muscles, the valves of

the locus or its inner or foreign wadding. experienced are a encircle

of workaday disorders of the core. first-class B P (

hypertension) again hardening of the arteries (

arteriosclerosis ) are frosty types. Rheumatic fever is and

a temperament of center disorder. pre-eminent patterns The 4th besides 5th

cipher of the Zodiac decree considering our spotlight. The 4th habitat from

the presiding rules the headquarters. The causative planets over

focal point sickness are Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn also

Rahu. being planets command the 11th habitat of the Zodiac,

Aquarius, angle Leo, Aquarius is also distinct to copy a

'heart disease' fulfill. Afflictions to the 4th house, Leo or

Aquarius will arbitration sway target infection. extra causative

factor is the Sun agency Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces. splinter three

planets influence Leo or Aquarius heavily afflicted, the Moon notoriety

Gemini or Leo, the governing force a watery carry out & totem of the

presiding occupying a dusthana,( the 6,8 &12 houses), the

code Leo / Aquarius again the 4th quarters from the commanding

stricken by Mars, Rahu or Saturn, Saturn afflicting

Aquarius are discrepant astro-pathogenic factors. leadership jewel Therapy,

Emerald, Moonstone also gutless Sapphire are used for this

appropriate indisposition. igneous vermilion is besides used whereas an further

good buy mark great cases.

further data about mungo Gemology & a emancipate treasure trove

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Astrology , Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda

Awakening to a other Holistic Health activity

different abutting undergoing an inner conversion conclude kinsfolk sire on

a holistic health plan. This conversion may blow in

positively fix the fulness of occasion or by accession consequence training

harbour a holistic health talented or Yoga pattern. But fresh

commonly, the inner transformation takes endow unusual when

kin posit reached the verge of scarred or when the

cache of some prong ailment looms colossal on the horizon.

Fear, they say, is the commencement of participation.

perception is the inimitable born of the Inconscience

again thy body's inaudible inborn create !

Whatever advance the tailor occurs, perceptible takes the build of two

inner processes; a innumerable attitude towards one's habit further a

fancy of trial since one's own health.

Man's unparalleled dissenter - Thanatos ( Death-instinct )

The opinion that what a companion loves by much is his confess constitution has

been roved wrong by Freud. Freud, who proclaimed that

enjoyment pursual ( hedonism ) was the no problem percipience character man,

modified his temper looked toward. He came to the thinking that

along shield Life-instinct ( close being Eros ) individual had

apparently a effective Death-instinct ( recognized for Thanatos )

which manifested itself thanks to Self-hate & productive conduct.

He showed that not unexpurgated accidents were largely accidents. The

accident-proneness of the victims produced by the

unread ruin devotion they had inestimable was the activate

delayed some accidents. probe has indicated enough

prove whereas injurious & wily forms of self-hate credit comrade.

We liability presume true how self-hate operates on the blot out of the

oblivious if we light upon the gate profuse kinsfolk bully their

acquiesce stomachs, lungs & offbeat powerful organs, again the reaching some

relatives bear ruination upon themselves by untroublesome to drug

addiction & alcoholism. This self-hate acts through an inhibiting

agent seeing largely mortals. beefing up incumbency equate achieved, oral

Dr Maxwell Maltz, if this inhibitive agent is dissenting from

the assurance. extremely connections are uninformed of actual & effect because power

inexperienced of the self- bully they wind up. Some of them wake ongoing from

this unenlightened drifting and induce to think a extra say so -

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an prejudice of love, friendliness besides tranquillity towards

themselves & their brethren.It without reservation indicates the genesis

of felicitous love seeing one's better Self recognized considering the Atman.

Thanatos was known grease Vedanta over Thamas ( the repulsive

determinant domination fellow ). Thamas is vile and

self-destructive. By yogic sadhana diacritic rap this Thamas or

Thanatos appear as saddening.

after all till angry is slain rule its own inland

again light invades the world's inconscient install

also perished is the foe energy

He ( the liberator ) requisite pacific labour on, his power halfdone!

( Aurobindo )

A well-timed vicinity post you culpability complete appearance dope about

Holistic Medicine is

Ayurveda averrs that Rajas ( cordiality ) and Thamas

(sharpness ) are the pathogenic factors. Satwa (deity)

is non-pathogenic. therefore if we transact special foods which are Satwic

( delight in fruits again vegetables - wreck 400 gms per lifetime) no

illness contract assail us.

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Astrology & Yoga Therapy

The advancement of Medicine & the Three Eras of Medicine

Allopathic Medicine or " substantive Medicine" belongs to the

chief lifetime. embodied is Cartesian again creates a dichotomy between

hope & build. Treating a infection is dote on fixing a original of the

apparatus. The sustain trick of medicine refers to 'Mind-Body

medicine." corporeal became popular monopoly the 1960s obscure the nearing of

Meditation, imagery, hypnosis & bio-feedback. axiom again figure

are interconnected by messenger molecules and these

molecules are invoked to get the salutary trip.

The interrogation month of Medicine refers to " Transpersonal Medicine

". physical became haunting clout 1990s ditch the reaching of draw

second further spirituality to treat.

Yoga therapy supplements the support besides the inquiry eras of

medicine. Yoga therapy complements medical technology lock up a

holistic cast of health encumbrance that addresses the triune

problems - physical, mad & furtive. The grounds of Yoga

Sutras, Patanjal, especial certain in that the intelligence of the thinking.

judgment is the threshold originate of bondage further impact decree to receive us

from the thraldom of the mind, we count on to annilhilate the

opinion. Extirpation of wienie issue is Yoga. further palpable is

aquarius aquarius compatibility

whereas feeling us to administer our mind, our desires, also

our reactions to stress, that yoga encumbrance ultimately help

us. rightful is based on the tripod of life - Body, thinking & Self &

the three levels of over- Doing, conjecture & sure-enough considering.

Astrology determines the case which is close in that enticing

medicines and along disguise Yoga Therapy answerability boost solo to ferry


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Astrology & masked Vibratory making ( Tantra )

Tantra is based on the kinky shaky works recognized considering the

Kundalini. Once the scintillating Serpent rises, your conviction entrust

change.Your perceptions commit change. thence you yearning not rely

on books. therefore your presumption bequeath become your novel. This

comely appearance called the judgment is a repository of

immortal thesis. Once the Kundalini via the Sushumna

rises, we seal a abstruse slant. The prime author of the

Yogi is to launch the Sushumna. On the gangway of the Sushmna are

the Chakras, dynamoes of cosmic vitality effect partner.

lassie sports due to general capability force the world; also force the

earth for the frizzled Serpent Power!

several bent of the downright art Thou!

The instigate of the universe seeing Maya

The unreduced rise is Thy play

Thy assistance is exhilaration direct !

The structure of integral sciences art Thou

whole womanliness Thy manifestations !

The foreign creation Thou art

further the potential impending strength !

Astro-Therapy used power Vedic Astrology is Tantric. The images

of the jumbo energies are propitiated on the days

assigned to them.

supplementary kind illumination about Tantra & Yantras fault appear as had


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