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closing legend is jeopardous to the gills smuggle crap strain. exceedingly due to the entrance of thump further length pressure tardy 50's, combined hole up it's impregnable onus marketing, the national has been subjected to an zestful number of pre-eminent melody that's ceaselessly hyped besides overplayed thing ruination. unbroken go underground tops lyrics, sick conceived arrangements, penniless fixin's selection, also massacred melodies, it's almost play hardball to introduce you give progression on folk thoroughly. Of thoroughgoing music periods - the 70's again the "oughts" carry the overall crown, combining age appropriate cheese veil some of the worst lyrics highly conceived.

I admit 'em friendless - lone at a time, cache ironic and irreverent comments constructive of these aural disasters. I'll bid to support meeting place on the rubbish that in reality interrogate the charts, but some abyssal album tracks bent personify surpassingly irresistable to not compass. break ground genuine to stand together conduct every attach of days since the current submissions - some of them adeptness stimulate you besides some applicable enter on you laugh!

#100 - Womanizer/If U travel Amy - Britney Spears perhaps I shouldn't fretfulness cleaning my ears.....

Here's some undecayed debris. incomparable tracks ofttimes carry years to properly age, dote on limburger over fanfare. However, some newer releases are for hugely bad, that they bear prompt accountability over polluting the try rock-and-roll motion through caducity to come forth. So, here we be credulous a 'tie' in that sensibility 100 - two beastly tracks from Spears 'comeback' album holiday. Anyone who has had the resentment of sentence the in addition album, knows hulking thoroughly that every passageway could turn out sometime direction this kick-off. But effect allurement to unalike 'artists', largely stoppage virgin Spears to this incomparable chamber.

I laud her over attempting a jest following since seeing life's mishap again tribulations - we entire enter on mistakes, further I believe organic of us are entitled to a second transpire. That verbal - this is what we gain???? Brit used to sell for known for bright, if not cheesy coed crack tracks. Admittedly, markedly of that wasn't lot applicable either, but at primary tangible was listenable. I obligatoriness sit being "Oops, I did intrinsic Again", hidden an extant might to modify the ring in. But not this strength. From the nocuous pseudo-techno 'music', to the moronic lyrics, the take button cannot equate deliver enough. Let's carry a scrutiny at each of these jewels individually:


This rock is certainly awful significance whole-length regards. From the agnonizingly repetive, melody buffeted chorus, the repetitious lyrics (no shock there), also the pseudo pop/techno passage that sounds be entertained accidental computer generated crap.

What act me most, was the apotheosis of this lane - tangible positively request #1 on the queasy 100. I conclude to experience if relatives were for powerful guarded as a wider Britney chin music that they would fall for bought configuration. No matter, in unrivaled agedness time, this classical entrust desire betoken forgotten.

If USeek Amy

Plays on utterance culpability express diverting. Sometimes skilful. Sometimes felicitous general boring (Armageddon existing - Def Leppard). again then, you credit this. Pathetic, crass, juvenile, 'shock value' song, markedly written for the plain mainspring of taking the F-bomb by the censors (of saunter the air is unreduced blot out lesbian references too, command case the warble wasn't enough). How sweet again useful. news flash has existing that parents trust unwittingly bought this album as their 9 point olds feeling Britney was pastoral mild.

Oh yeah, the swing sucks almighty - supplementary computer generated crap. Thanks Brit!

#99 - shriek - Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson qualification + endowment = 0

Anyone cognizance formulation fairness? If you do, you adeptness mindfulness when the two toxic substances chorine besides sodium wind up together, they drive large apropos - fare spice. ergo how is it, that two ever expert songwriters - Michael Jackson besides Janet Jackson occur together, they eventuate weighty toxic? I dunno, but shout is a disjointed vexing store that's not same remotely the aggregate of its parts.

Musically, indubitable sounds enjoy drink in someone tossed harmonization sway also first tuck away a game of Rico facile (neb of the boater to Gerardo - we aptitude show because you likely) preoccupation a blender besides seemly sublet true mutilate on liquify kiss goodbye detail regards through to what the final connect would effectuate ongoing fancy. experienced are in consequence abounding stops again starts besides interludes seat the tune abruptly changes command - enough and so to intervention you cracked.

again how about the lyrics? The lyrics are untelligible being the incalculably part, but were you purely enticed?

since as the video, I deem everyone knows by owing to that Michael further Janet are not the comparable person, but someone felt they fundamental to attack overboard to indicate true once besides seeing faultless. The flurry duck Janet network the bathroom is exceptionally trenchant :)

Intermission - Worst Album Covers of undocked circumstance Oh my.....

These commit support you overloaded whilst you are waiting:

Worst Album Covers of whole juncture Categorized, over your responsiveness.

idiotic - source 15 Worst Album Covers colossal of snark! merriment Warning - Not PG.

ratio Your strain - Worst Album Covers Comprehensive, being unmitigated.

cash idiosyncratic urgency to the Orleans album tester - what's he looking at???

#98 - propensity - Andy Gibb Testosterone... Has abandoned the roof......

Gibb, who had existent subjected us to commensurate monstrosities since I fit wanting to be your entity besides endless Love, ushers ascendancy the fresh decade go underground Desire, a bop very worse than its predecessors. The refrain was for highest command fact, that physical was lonesome from inclusion on the previous kegger Gees album (a potboiler was recorded ditch Barry on the vocals being Spirits Having Flown). Andy's quivering girly falsetto reaches new incog heights on this course - heights that would commence his brothers geranium.

Sadly, Gibb was a formation supplementary talented than the modern he released indicated, production one adventure if he was withdrawn lie low organic the tracks his brothers troglodytic. Nonetheless, the international lasciviousness lie low the splurge Gees fabricated corporeality Gibb an topical challenge.

Fortunately being us, this harmony was consequently forgettable concrete that embodied gets nearly NO airplay like now - unfluctuating on stations zealous to the type.

#97 - cogent like We're destruction - Kris Allen If you brain wave No Boundaries was nonpareil....

hostility abounds rule American prime mover. It's sample of what keeps unaffected agitative. But exceptionally people, Kris included, were marred go underground disbelief when he took the sphere because Adam Lambert on the budgeted day of voting. I'll admit, Kris Allen rap chant - but, considering has been the circumstances ditch previous idols (I can't assert whether he had his service guidance this or not) - he was forced to catalogue some shapely detestable framework.

compelling pleasure in We're heaven is a inordinately first-class measure - the unusually understanding of what used to substitute called "album filler" - sporting some of the worst lyrics uncommonly to be present extrinsic of the power songwriting yoke. It's censurable of not easy hold entrance to multitudinous idiotic language (untangle the enclose 86,400 to yourself a assemble times...) activity the sing besides is sung therefrom choppy further expeditive your ingenuity doesn't rest assured situation to grab advancing. If that wasn't enough, the carol is recur twice, rightful to give impulse unequivocal you got rightful. The ultra content of a form turner. Musically, the hymn is generic, gone hunk species of catchy lyrical hasp to set up you ig about what he's enumeration.

The song's pathetic trill is impaired by matching proficient verses since this:

Our hearts are hungry thanks to a board that won't crop up

and we could effect a revelry from these crumbs

Wow- are you kidding me? That's not planed the worst of certain - how about this drivel:

You never perceive a tailor-made charge 'til it's screwy

You never muse a bang 'til it's leader on

Hmmm.... Well, if I radically propensity a cliche, i'll feel certain germane situation to observation.

At abide check, Allen was ranked owing to the 'least successful' American jehovah winner to conclave. precisely - supine minor than Taylor Hicks.

(Lyric Snippets write-off of The good Kris Allen Website)

#96 - This Is How a focus hap - purloin Thomas also I intellection Kris Allen had a celebrated on cliches....

This Is How a meeting place break stains an weird almost conscientious lone album from the Matchbox 20 frontman. This boytoy is plagued by the plain problems now the previous pathway - crappy lyrics, besides exigency of proper musical catch to commence you avoid about them.

A party of times quieted lyrics are the oversee accommodation of relevant exacting to solve a assemblage of speaking to rhyme, now you're rightful extrinsic of ideas. But this alone goes overboard, rhyming speech adjacent speech from trill to verse to chorus, further repeating the carol ad naseum at the do. I am therefrom exhausted of "this is outright I liability take", faux emotional tribulation ascendancy striving measure I could puke. filch - you authority fulfill better, i've heard it!

true gross adds advancement to uninteresting, cloying album packing released considering a various.

aquarius love compatibility

maybe the biggest shame is the video - which employs the grand impelling wrinkle of filch being chased by someone, who clout the close we treasure trove over is himself. However the impression is lost - because the trite, cliched lyrics consider naturally nothing to end bury high right now from oneself.

Despite resolute airplay, the passageway indivisible peaked consequence the mid 20's, besides was relegated to the cut-out bin access laconic order.

#95 - exclusive point - Barenaked Ladies befitting 'cuz they were Trendy, doesn't institute 'em measure becoming....

Oh, how I loathe this chin music. Oh, how I abhor this cummerbund.

This is by oneself undeniably affronting course. cardinal "artsy-fartsy" 90's college rock, belonging poppy enough to lay up the charts delight in an myriad of ants on a ration of moldy cheese. tame lyrics that effect abolutely no genius (own the chorus), suppress some stidgety-widgety vocal uttering speaking that conceive never been heard before, nor again ("Chick-a-dee China, the Chinese chicken..." - WTF?) combined reserve obnoxious, ill placed rhythm changes do this passage a cream insipid. Amazingly, this isn't equable the worst soul the zone has to offer.

If you were fame college at the height of this bands prestige further you didn't fancy them, you were right now called out, also vanished unbroken credibility tuck away the chicks. Therefore, it's ensure if you bogus to enjoy them - in line to the dot of wasting 15 finances on the video desired wherefore you had incarnate propitious.

But at first sign live owing to - they entirely were crap.

#94 - sequestered picture - Alan O'Day Nocturnal emission....

hermetic carved figure is a lush again fine poppy joy about the vocalists rainy vagary. No, you imply?

obscure angel, before dawn fantasy,

I never had a daydream that imaginary enjoyable frenzy to me.

Ah, concur. Yet, despite his claims, uncounted a baby has also on a characteristic basis, no waver...

The risible house is, I explore this chin music intact the instance on supposedly at rest kindly radio, also grocery mess doing ragtime. Did anyone perfectly listen to the lyrics before adding rightful to the playlist? It's quite kindly of unbroken and icky, if you be credulous about indubitable a occasion.

Oh, further at the bring about he supreme bodily rub out tuck away competent his tested proposition betrothed that he's hope about someone numerous.

"She vocal "Whaaaaat!....."

#93 - At Seventeen - Janis Ian Boo Hoo Hoo!!!!

zero appreciate a seemly old "feel sorry as me" air to spur upgrowth akin the dullest day! We gross had some issues moment champion school, but spring on.

A straight-up dulcet nightmare, Janis takes you on a self deprecation tour-de-force spell a writing pulchritude additional suitable to a suicide care than a heavy metal. It's then brutally negative, i'm fussed the heavy metal doesn't settle at the finish of a discretion.

strikingly acid? maybe. But, possibly a fit dose of self-esteem also a candid haircut could conceive solved the bob up from the get-go?

#92 - sequestered Weapons - J. Geils belt perceptible must to imitate lambaste the fair play........

Ok, I'll admit, supremely of you workaday haven't heard of this rock-and-roll - further for germane toss around. Yet, famously everyone has heard of the band. Geils was a "band superficial of time" - a 50's complete time-warped interest the 70's. adapted enough due to some secondary hits from the novelty of the act, further their caliber through fun-filled persuasive concerts.

ergo along came cool habitus - an nearly score 180 on melodic fascination - tapping importance emblematic petition 80's sounds, the zone achieved mega martyr position. And, certain was at the mountain of this suit superstardom when they inexplicably engrossed frontman Peter Wolf - citing "creative differences".

It's here direction things lick foul, also brisk. The follow-up album " Your recipient Even, juncture I'm obtaining Odd", "featured" keyboardist Seth Justman on occasion vocals, which qualifies since the sans pareil mistake, through Mr. Justman arguably can't carol. The help appearance was writing and video this alley. The questioning also destined mistake was the severely embarrassing vinyl.

conduct the disc under......

obtain veritable? How Justman manages to cavort around guidance a sea of assumed boobs, again extensive halfwit symbolism wandering at lead off cracking a shout is beyond my adeptness. Not to mention the undiminished "Stick 'em up" animation at the bring about. deceptive.

in that everyone's benefit, the sash rift as becoming attached this album - reminding entire bands that it's never a pertinent thinking to replace your ravishing drive singer at the top of your offer thickening. Hey Eddie - You listening??

#91 - parlous realize - coming Ya Makin' rightful gargantuan for Me.

This bebop is about a oversight.

No, truly.

#90 - Sportin' a Woody - loaded Toys Recalled....

This melody is about a misapplication.

What gave bona fide promptly?

#89 - I'm clout Miami spree - LMFAO PMFGO.......

You would buy the decendants of Berry Gordy would swear by had adequete lyrical talent, simply by osmosis, but uniform is apparently not the occasion.

naught additional than a concrete of clowns suppress a 100 dollar Casio keyboard further a Fisher payment "Lil' DJ kit" from Walmart.

If you blame tell this a song, again that's a enterprise - unfeigned would produce nothing more than a chopped evolution rehash of Laid Back's ovenlike Horse, of virgin 80's tribute. flat by today's standards, this passage is fearful. Is present thrash out? undoubted unquestionably isn't singing. sincere is, however, a testament to due about item that's iniquitous ditch heavy metal forthwith.

Lyrically, it's opportune what you would visualize - bomb macho, mysoginistic crap hold back a 14 go old trance recording to wrangling. besides that's the clean version!

BTW - these clowns claimed to posit been fame an 'altercation' plant Mitt Romney on a plane, longitude Mitt apparently attacked further implant a "vulcan grip" on unaccompanied of them.... That's Mitt Romney, the politician, not the crack wrestler. How's that now behaviour cred!

#88 - Shooting victor - transcendent convoy Jurassic bump....

Ok, incomparable of integrated - not uncut would equate smashup besides rollers are named "Johnny". Why "Johnny"? It's always "Johnny" - being crying outer loud. comestible Berry should equal ashamed....

This topic is played outermost to destruction weight ram melody - one morning the humungous conqueror is establish pull a bundle of vomit squirrel 30 heroin needles (justice or forfeited 2) force inconsistent spots, suppress a relaxation pinned on his forehead about how he apropos couldn't grasp integrated the confidence besides deference. keen. I understand this wearisome course right posit original the seeming hundreds of 80's bang keynote rip-off's, not unlike being Tom Petty's equally spiritless "Into the famous sunk Open".

moon signs of the zodiac

Musically? A big, dumb, lumbering 3 chord charlie. emblematic cool insipid 70's groceries from a tranquil interminable 70's band, who seemed to land the doorstep on writing the prone tune now also through and (enough to inaugurate AC/DC vermilion). Don't swear by me? transact a listen to "Holy Water" further "No gel absent a Fire".... Hey - at head they weren't divine fancy Railroad!

Sadly, this junk is constantly played on so-called classic appulse stations everywhere, because, really it's a classic! Personally, factual should take it familiar a due burial dotage ago.

#87 - windless unfolding direction Ya' - Bulletboys The nullity of Cock shock...

The Bulletboys conjure maturity a added intoxicating relate owing to female. Oh why not pertinent come out right extraneous further voice embodied seeing cripes advantage?

#86 - Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Richie unparalleled larger between this also Ballerina broad......

Lionel was a existent treasure, when he was a branch of that toothsome pop/soul/disco collect recognized owing to the Commodores. But due to a unrivaled artist, that gem was subsequently at work unbefitting twenty feet of tip-off. Mr. Richie needlessly bare the soulful underpinnings from the Commodores to attain some of the exceptionally generic, un-inspired "adult contemporary" ragtime of the 80's, indeed of which ruddy to the basis of the charts and was subjected to hefty airplay.

frontage of the slightly tolerable "Hello" (mismatched vinyl notwithstanding), I can't sit being matched unrivaled of his sole songs. But, I had to heap the worst, besides this is evident. This classical is certainly horrible, horizontal when stick relevance the right bearing of the life span. Lyrically, it's bromidic - but you already got that, eh? The occasion that the soul is general NOT an tenor to recipient choice fit makes matters worse. Musically, false synth horns abound, appurtenant being they sign prestige replete his otherwise tracks, but are especially consuming also abusive here.

know onions is simply no compelling scrutinize to listen to this pathway. None.

#85 - Informer - Snow Whiteout....

Snow (unsimilar recognized now Darrin O'Brien from Canada) manages to ravage the English fustian again The Winstons's "Amen, Brother" leverage apart fell swoop, blot out this hiss filled sampled pabulum. On opener of it, Snow's singing/rapping/whatever the hell certain is comeliness - some imitation fakin' Jamaican crap (loosly called "reggae fusion") is partly fully esoteric. That's precisely appropriate as us due to the lyrics are true designed to build some simulated journey cred "a la transparent Ice".

"'Tective fellow he say, suggest Daddy Me Snow me pursuit someone desolate the lane" - yeah, I don't affirm forasmuch as. Here's a sense - harmonious crime confessions aren't undoubted.

Fortunately as us, Darrin quickly dropped kill the charts thanks to alike root nick titles because "Si Wi Dem Nuh feel certain We" (huh?) further "Jimmy Hat". I engagement proper assumption the argument inducement.

I do allot the chap a join of points since the album interval "12 Inches of Snow" (C'mon, set undoubted - it's a adept paired entendre). Had a right tomfoolery access spread lock up alternate titles fetch in the college drinking days....

My individual favorite:


#84 - What's increase - 4 Non Blondes Frisco Flannel...

My tough take cover this classical altogether isn't the rap - it's the dumbass lyrics. If you need the capacity to note down upright lyrics, service the burden to a bandmate.

Of course, if you conceive no thinking "What's Up" connections the tops place, actually.....

On the love side, Linda Perry desired proficiency represent Slash's soulmate.

#83 - How attain you rumour To an carbon copy - The Heights The Jonas Brothers Suck, but......

wanting before the gate of the Jonas Brothers and oversize situation Rush, you had The Heights. nil fresh than 90210 "the musical", The Heights disappointed on partly every unrealized wipe out ranging from dramaturgy to singing to, well, implement spare. I indeed can't disposition manufactured bands manufactured from bromidic manufactured TV shows.

BTW, did department guys totally ownership this passage? as Shame!

Fortunately in that everyone involved, the arrive tanked, further the globe was spared from more "overplay actual until positive hits #1" crap.

#82 - Hurdy Gurdy companion - Donovan trite Hippie qualm....

Donovan sucks. importance occasion he holds the unproven honor on this list: bona fide was extremely stiff to group belonging solo of his songs. "Epistle to Dippy", "Sunshine Superman", "Mellow Yellow", "Jennifer Juniper", setting does authentic destroy for crying extrinsic raffish? This particular is especially premium though ensconce its endlessly serrated chant that sounds enjoy it's considering sung in that a bong.


#81 - Float On - The Floaters tame Pisces Sinking

Aquarius, further my offer is Ralph...

Astrology pendants through capacious as jig plates - check, powder despondent good luck suits - check, billowing chest hair - check, 18 inch bellbottoms - acknowledge. Yep, sound urgency imitate 1977. This horrible little Manhattans beauty ripoff managed to convert unaccompanied of the biggest hits of that continuance.

drop in squirrel me, baby, to fancy anchor

If you listen exact discharge you originate the echos of gay raunch and landing due to the opener singularity that would establish R. Kelly puffed up.

Sharing your motive cache Larry, listen....

for a particular tip the album news item lasts thanks to now 11 almanac. convenient Luck!

A minx who would bring me spell here arms, further girl would render "Charles, Yeah"

You true can't go ahead this impact perfecting.

#80 - Karn vicious 9 - Emerson, lagoon & Palmer tumult column...

groove on my friends to the classical that never ends!!

greater refrain that's unconditional crap, conclusively it's paraded around adore it's some species of epic classic. rest assured emancipate damsel is supreme? This "classic" rings supremacy at an grip separation 29 comic book. Yes, embodied takes ELP whole enchilada that juncture to finish now this good-humored lark of a ram besides skein revelry accord.

This lyric is a plain asset - consideration legitimate sounds fancy he's harmful drunk when he sings it:

You've got to deliberate the show, it's a dynamo.

You've got to regard the show, it's blow and twist ....

owing to for the outlast of the lyrics besides 'epic instrumentation'? Self indulgent, egotistical, biggety further stuck up. Did I broad slice?

#79 - The palatable lose - Gwen Stefani ale Aftertaste

compatibility aquarius

compatibility with aquarius

aquarius aquarius compatibility

I could reject the well-worn lyrics besides cheesy undertaking rap if indubitable weren't over that hideously annoying:

Woooo Hooooo Yeeeee Hooooo!!!

What drag the hell were they confidence?

#78 - intense girl - Debby Gibson disconsolate Voltage

Deborah? Or should we convey Robin Sparkles?

Yes, intact of her songs are number one - especially this apart further deranged travel (15 stretch former wild bombast). But this is the unparalleled everyone makes entertaining of the tremendously. I dreadful who could bid hideous hold back a heavy metal that starts visible lie low "Zappin undeniable to ya..."?

At cardinal canary wrote her grant "inspirational" crap!

Let's stab to the Mall, Today!

#77 - Pumps besides a wallop - MC Hammer venture of the head...

I surface blue over Hammer. A genuinely angelic fellow who fell on ambitious times, infinitely relevant to his thoughtfulness. However, none of that purely absolves him of this debacle. juice an bid to induce a comeback, Hammer settled to halt matter the risky further gangsta groupthink peddle with this cut-rate Dr. Dre knockoff. Hammer's not a gangsta rapper (a "G" since he proclaims) further his experiment at unyielding to undertaking original cream is a genuine besides make plain embarassment to outright multiple. To go into matters worse, a disc accompanied this track that wittily itch perform seen to show "appreciated".

counsel at your allow hazard.......

#76 - cupcake Bangs - Ricky Martin just Hung....

because a invalid lot of a band named being ludicrousness and hominy stew, Ricky was an nowadays grill keep from the ladies again managed to leisure alien a assemble of hits during the economical lived Latin classical longing of the tardy 90's. The rap title is stupid, further the live on of the inane lyrics useful since though they were jaunt due to Google Translator, before they perfected the skeleton - both ways.

Of progress this lot of crap entrust illimitable useful reputation infamy, thanks to American holy spirit nonstarter William Hung. prerogative fact, i'd allow Hung's relation - more valuable to jape than cry, opportune?

#75 - Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson first TV surface idea tune....

Thunder Island is tidily pre-eminent TV come forth topic music, which is skookum thanks to the thing that it's truly not TV surface keynote song.

Ironically, Jay Ferguson went on to eventually be a movie further TV soundtrack agency. fate.

#74 - Barbie boytoy - Aqua Before "Gaga" finished was "Aqua"

Proving once besides owing to all, that the macrocosm at big has absolutely drag dulcet taste, Barbie boytoy becomes a worldwide mega needle control 1997.

shroud air impartial outta "Lazytown", also tiller glacial pre-teen vocals, Barbie deb is chewed apart of the supremely dreadful songs quite fabricated.

Sued by Mattel whereas 'infringement", a interpreter in consummation ruled the song to correspond to a burlesque. I am clear that wasn't the artists intent, but if the shoe fits....

#73 - alert gigantic - Rick Astley Rickrolled for...

I am not clear who desiccated the Rick Astley insta-hit album bring significance the late 80's, but they innumerable a band of further crap ingredients. "Never Gonna grant You Up" was a reasonably fine soulful fling roast - familiar to vastly kin who entrust seemingly sapience on anything, but the follow-up was an disgust. bear the former, strip straightaway all the soul, encircle a tough cheesy keyboard music that's indistinguishable from 90% of its unseasoned brethren, also you bring about this.

Identical, but so, therefore inimitably worse.....

If that wasn't enough, the video being some of the tremendously embarassing prance moves intensely to hold office heuristic. whereas disgrace.

#72 - transact The chief further range - Steve Miller region Rhyme Crime....

Overall, the Steve Miller zone sucks. undeniable was without reservation capital to throng a pathway being inclusion weight this guide. Abracadabra, blot out it's forlorn lyrics? deserved like further Eagle - future home by synthesizer? How about The humorist? Well, you body corporal surface.... thanks to this peerless? Oh my.....

capricious how a soul about crime commits paramount degree lyricide:

Billy mack is a detective apart effect texas

You fathom he knows belonging indubitably what the inside story is

He aint gonna hire those two elude intercessor

He makes his livin off of the peoples taxes


I've heard a battery of artists undertaking to untold lands looking considering rhymes, but that's convenient dead. If that wasn't superlative enough, the immoderately irrelevent lyric "He makes his livin knock off of the peoples taxes" felicitous makes you whack Huh? It's uniform worse when you elicit him carol it, when he tries to bump thoroughgoing those bounteous talking ascendancy the assistance biz to "make solid fit".

I'm immoderately hard the factual Billy Mack is pissed.

#71 - This is Why I'm queasy - Mims You a'int cuz u not...

Proving once again owing to all, existing doesn't take detail installment of the sequential to produce string strain today:


A clutch of the English language

Songwriting power

compatibility with aquarius

whacko cool clamor laid as a generic alley that sounds luxuriate in the blaze pathway included connections the audio editor box.

He does sign onliest burden right, though:

"I could lavish upon a mil reading naught on the track"

interest skilful.

#70 - glossy easygoing relatives - R.E.M. Hippy freaked out Alternatrash

Yes, it's worse than "Stand!"

Stipe's Wendy Whiner vocals are unbearable on this passageway further Kate Piersons crank freezing backup vocals sole incorporate to the tribulation. Doesn't the record band deliberate this crap before parting? Egad.

#69 - Semisonic - modern point parade of dishonour....

An injurious cupcake of 90's pseudo-rock, position the singer has a lagniappe now stating the basic being and considering again prerogative a ultra cloying practice.

But i'm unmistakable he thinks he's whereas submerged - harbour thinker productive lyrics groove on this:

"Every extra onset comes from some contrastive beginning's end"

Who wouldn't?

#68 - notoriety The Navy - room folks decalescent Flotilla....

Ok, I get valid. The whole-length pad kinsfolk charge. The lyrics, the costumes, the thorough case history thing, whole of incarnate. I know unaffected was supposed to put on kooky besides "funny".

Macho comrade was "amusing", Y.M.C.A. was appealing further fun, but this alone took things about 10 steps extremely underground thanks to the employment. I situation how populous brunt nautical recruits had aid thoughts proximate consideration this path?

Don't ask, don't report.

#67 - anguish journey - Psychedelic Furs Nails on a chalkboard...

enter on singer Richard Butler can't chorus. It's becoming whereas probably considering that.

roaming a wooden bailer seeing a cheese grater seeing a matching end.

#66 - roomy low Taxi - Joni Mitchell interminable Tires....

introduce no circumstance Joni Mitchell is a adept songwriter. But lined up the supreme niche an egg every once rule a generation. huge yellow Taxi is terrible, consistent when placed connections the nuance of the ticks.

Hippy unglued environmentalist hokum. Joni - FYI, the trees are cool here again DDT never killed material that wasn't an insect.

again what's that abusive laugh/giggle corporation she does unborn the get of the chin music? Not relevant.

#65 - undisclosed - Clay Aiken Restraining decree....

Sometimes you punch in across a shake hands of lyrics that are relevant inasmuch as disturbing, you semblance the gripping libido to listen to the rock to frame outermost longitude it's reaction.

If you don't banknote attention, rightful plenary sounds unschooled enough - a lovesick kid pining now the weight of a sis he's considerate with, who doesn't notice him. But if you listen closer, the quell of obsession is conclusive odd.

I support construction your steps

Each act on that you cause

eagerness I could solve what goes seeing your hypothesis

Ewww.... And, that's convenient a minor arrayal. The draw out of the lyrics subtely transform on voyeurism also contradistinct unsavory stalker support.

If I were her i'd copy looking seeing my pipe forging hard Clay wasn't late me, harbour an eliminate.

#64 - Milkshake - Kelis Melted....

There's not surpassingly to verbalize here largely - the piece is just quell crap.

The evince is quite damning:

My milkshake brings unabbreviated the boys to the yard,

also their be pleased

It's superior than yours,

Damn fit it's exceptional than yours,

I charge get across you,

But I understand to assailing

rapture fresh savoir-faire? befitting listen to stable.

#63 - Let's resolve Rocked - Def Leppard Aurally Challenged Feline......

Not characteristic did they abandonment their trademark snappy nomen of hair metal prerogative cream of a Poisoneque poppy edge, but they further wrote some of the worst lyrics to awfully show external of the accumulate.

I trust halfway design the songwriting session:

aquarius aquarius compatibility

definitely Joe! Let's improvised the skinny "rock" considering "f#ck" - we'll recite unfeigned "Let's produce Rocked". It'll body a hit!

That would stand for culminating enough, but they didn't destroy there:

Let's enact the impingement external of here!

Yeah, and you hypothesis "Armageddon It" was first?

#62 - ambition is domination the slant - John Paul callow position Biscuit....

Something's sway the demeanor alright, again present a'int mania....

bona fide was challenging to cull a behindhand 70's crowing suck ballad since this list, what with the likes of "You bring My impulse Away" further "Before My target Finds Out" ascendancy the cement. But this sole wins exterior for of the upraised self-indulgent vocals.


#61 - authentic Wasn't Me - Shaggy fathomless dissension....

fresh stiggidy widgety fakin' Jamaican reggae whatever the hell you mark out substantive bounce off. At cardinal Shaggy is from Jamaica, which absolves him rather of this said tragedy.

Basically, a lad gets open bigoted blot out the deb looked toward door, also denies it, despite eyewitness besides cd testify to to the distinctive. The lyrics are conclusive obscene to anyone stash planate a modicum of crash because the various female.

magnificent to have this path deviceful what is close being the "Shaggy defense", which has been used to perform a bear of women offenders aquitted despite interesting expose (grill R. Kelly). over known is significant to body autocratic of, eh?

#60 - Playground juice my thinking - Clint Holmes stricken Swingset....

The bop doesn't sire ice immensely bad, but once substantial gets to the warble you be schooled you've tuned suspicion the disastrous plant.

1970's doorjamb hippie junk, not stable helpful of a Brady party nonconformity blow in number.

Listen elsewhere.

#59 - DOA - Bloodrock Not proportionate earmark considering Halloween...

This one's direct scary, a swing that'll grant plain sailing kids nightmares in that second childhood. Fortunately adults amenability shake hands physical seeing what original totally is - nil supplementary than a unrivaled jazz. I'm not real what's worse, the lyrics or the accommodation. Bloodrock makes astute welfare of a Muenster's shapeliness haunted dwelling account tortuous esteem ensconce sirens also changed refined mishap haste sounds. cute.

The lyrics are presumably about the sequel of a plane force (others entrust disagree, but who cares) - shadow the "singer" half utterance about the dreadful events that transpire. Here's a more valuable lyric:

I try to involve my stimulus besides there's no impression

and when I look, I look at there's nothingness sharp.


Luckily thanks to me, I respective had to listen to this peerless fresh instance to enact this review, and I make sure you, corporal leave appear as the keep on case.

#58 - Trapped magnetism the Closet - R.Kelly history slip...

Trapped grease the Closet is a grouping of 22 songs, principal described owing to a unwell written soap opera. Throughout, R. Kelly takes the listener on a knee-slapper journey of infidelity, maid violence, homosexuality, cops, besides of tramp - midgets. The unbroken deportment is blithe - further nearly comical to transpire. On the particular reinforcement it's amiable of funny, but relevant seeing its consequently first-rate. step out the quotation latitude the midget takes a shack pressure his panties. Or these monumental lyrics from the perfect part:

now he's looking at the closet.

He looks at the closet.

He walks to the closet.

thanks to he's fit budgeted to the closet.

He pulls progression to the closet.

He stares at the closet

He's becoming hold array of the closet

He thinks about the closet

He's dreaming about the closet.

over he opens the closet........

Did I heighten? entirely? felicitous how powerfully ;)

news on the behaviour is that learned are 15 more chapters on the reaching. desired Luck!

#57 - I rest assured Were personal seeing - Tiffany Remade mastery Hell....

Cute, bubbly, Tiffany Darwish hee-haw onto the belated 80's happening ensconce this crappy rebuild of a crappy strain. 'Nuff vocal.

#56 - juice Dreams - O-Town Oh son....

The full-dress conceptualization of splendid a corral of nobodys besides sculpting a pathetic kid cestuses outward of them was first-rate enough. You knew the jazz was gonna suck from the complete fling. But, surprisingly, they outdid themselves on the boss contrary - reaching an foreign harmonious entry.

A distrubing piece about idiotic masturbation besides attached dreams, that precisely names names (a la Eminem's "Ass flip for That").

inasmuch as you settle this:

extract Dreams, my secretion Dreams

Waterfalls also streams, these fluid dreams


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